Healing Hand and Foot Chakras

Although they are considered secondary chakras, the importance of the hand and foot chakras is not much less than the 7 major chakras. Let’s find out more about what they are, how they support our physical and energetic bodies, the signs of them being imbalanced, and how to help heal them.

Hand Chakras

The hand chakras are extremely important to those interested in energy healing as it is a powerful tool for giving and receiving healing energy. They are located in the palms of our hands.

hand chakra

The hand chakras are smaller in size than the main chakras. They can open and close at will or when the body needs to give or receive energy. The dominant hand will send out the energy and the non-dominant hand will receive the energy. Amazingly, even for people that do not have all the hands and feet, the respective chakras are still active in their energy bodies.

Hand Chakras link to the ability to manifest what you want in life, having trust, letting go of control, and healing yourself and others. These chakras receive and channel healing energy from the universe. Working together with the heart chakra, they allow the transfer of loving energy from the heart through the hands. The open hand chakra will strengthen the artistic flow of creativity in people who paint, sculpt, or work with their hands. 

Moreover, open hand chakras are also necessary for those with energy channeling abilities. Because it is important that only good energy flows out from the healer’s body to facilitate healing for others. You can stimulate the hand chakra by rubbing your hands vigorously together, then letting them hang freely. You will then be able to feel the energy from your heart chakra flowing into your hands. 

Signs of Imbalanced Hand Chakras

When the Hand Chakras are weak:

– One might experience pain or disease in the hands, wrists, arms or shoulders.
– They do not feel comfortable receiving. It is hard for them to accept that they are able to heal and receive healing. Instead, they feel closed or withdraw themselves from their surroundings.
– As a result, they experience procrastination in asking for help when it is indeed necessary.
– There is an inability to express one’s self artistically and creatively.
– They might be too obsessed with “savings”, leading to excessive savings and miserliness.

When the Hand Chakras are overactive:
– One has the urge to touch everything.
– Some physical symptoms include itchy feeling, rash or skin peeling on the palms or hands or skin in general.
– One finds it hard to let go of things, people or situations. Being too clingy can be their issue.
– Shopaholic can be a sign of overactive hand chakras.

The benefits of Balanced Hand Chakras

– One can experience an increase in creativity, and become more confident and open-minded.
– Balanced hand chakras support healthy energy sending and receiving.
– They aid accurate aura scanning and sensing.
– One is able to give and receive naturally and unconditionally. He or she will give without expectation and receive without guilt or shame.
– They can recharge or repair electrical appliances with their hands. (I have shared the story of myself being able to charge my phone with Reiki, and some of my students as well, here)
– They can feel or sense the energy of crystals, and thus are drawn to work with crystals.

How to Heal the Hand Chakras

Some simple and easy methods to heal, unblock and balance the hand chakras:
Soak your hands in water, preferably soak your hands under natural water sources such as rivers and lakes. Otherwise, you can soak them in a bowl of clean water. As you lay your hands, visualize the water gently washing away blockages and replacing them with a bright flowing stream of energy.

hand chakras in the water

– When washing hands, wash with some granular sea salt and rub them gently, and then rinse.
– You can try this exercise to feel the energy in your hands (this is the exercise I share with the students in my Reiki class). In short, rub your hands together, visualize the energy from above flowing through you and out in the palms of your hands. Then, bring your hands a distance apart facing each other. Continue to visualize a beautiful ball of bright energy between the two palms. Feel the sensations in your palms. After that, move the hands in different directions and feel the energy become bigger and brighter, then bring your hands to your chest so that that warm and loving energy flows to the heart and the whole body. 
– Draw sacred Reiki symbols on the palms of your hand and put your hands together to connect with Reiki in order to balance this chakra.
– Try creative art and craft activities using hands intensively, for example, pottery, sculpture, etc.

art activity for hand chakra

Foot Chakras

Foot Chakras are easily overlooked when we are sending energy healing to the body. In fact, they play an important role because that is where we channel Divine Energy into the Earth, helping us to be more grounded. From the feet, “roots” energy will connect deep into the ground. A healthy, balanced foot chakra will assist in the transmission of energy from Mother Earth to all chakras. Furthermore, they give you the ability to anchor in physical reality while still being able to receive wisdom and guidance from the Divine.

foot chakra

Signs of Imbalanced Foot Chakras

– One feels tired and energy drained constantly.
– They might experience frequent insomnia, and/or having nightmares.
– Feeling disconnected from reality and surroundings, disoriented, or restless can happen to people who are not grounded.
– There might be blockages in creativity and inspiration.
– They can find it really slow to get healed physically and energetically.

The benefits of Balanced Foot Chakras

– It will help relieve chronic fatigue and stress. 
– One will be able to eliminate negative energies and thus have better sleep without nightmares.
– Balanced foot chakras aid the process of releasing the blockages related to manifestation ability.
– One will gain a stronger connection with reality and become more present in daily life.
– They can experience healing faster and more efficiently.

How to Heal the Foot Chakras

– Walking or running barefoot on the ground will help you connect with the Earth and heal the foot chakras. 
– You can try this visualization exercise. Stand barefoot on the ground, then visualize the foot chakra rotating and expanding, growing “root” from your feet and digging deep into the earth. Connect to the heart of the Earth and feel yourself really strong, healthy and stable. Imagine the energy of the earth flowing from the Earth through the “root” and your feet into your physical and energetic body.
– If you like to use crystals for healing, you can use some grounding stones such as Hematite, Black Tourmaline, Spotted Jasper, Blue Kyanite, Red Jasper. Put those crystals in a pot with warm water, put your feet in and ‘play’ with as many crystals as you like.

foot chakra healing with crystals

– Finally, an effective method for those who practice Reiki is to do self Reiki for their foot chakras! Don’t forget it during the process of self Reiki!

I have gone through all the basics regarding Hand and Foot Chakras which are crucial for your energy healing journey. Hope you find it helpful and beneficial. If you have any questions or experiences to share, please leave your comment below, I would love to read and reply!

Much love,
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  1. I say thankyou for this eye opening. I never knew that there is so much power in my hand and foot. I never knew that my hand can be a source of strength and healing for the whole of my body. What impressed me most are the signs or I say indicators to show when the hand is weak, overreacting and when they are normal. I will give the act of placing my hands in water a trial as its natural therapy that is easily affordable 

    1. Hi, thanks for leaving a comment! I am glad that you found this post helpful. And yes, please try that technique, water is a great source for cleansing and healing, especially water in nature!

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