How to Create a Positive Environment?

The main cause of the disease is the process of accumulating negative emotions over the years, then damaging the energy field, and finally wreaking havoc on the physical body. One thing that can help us to maintain positive energy is to create a more energetically positive environment. 

If you are feeling normal and have no problem with your health, that’s wonderful! Then, to avoid future diseases, just keep good living habits. Like eating well, exercising frequently, maintaining good habits and positive thoughts, being aware of negativity in life that is not from yourself and transmuting it.

If you have any kind of dis-ease, it is necessary to combine treatment of both the physical and energetic body. It is necessary to treat the energy first, that is, the psychological trauma and/or the negative thoughts that are deeply embedded in the soul throughout life. Once the root causes have been taken care of energetically, use natural remedies to help heal the weakening of the physical body. Finally, maintain healthy changes in living habits so that the body recovers quickly and does not recur.

The Importance of Creating a Positive Environment

The basic thing to good health is to increase the frequency of vibrations of your energetic field. It means to thrive and become free of suffering from low-frequency emotions such as shame, guilt, fear, etc (as in the below chart). Apparently, this is more easily said than done. Being free from suffering has been the ultimate goal of all religions in the world for ages. Even though it is hard, it is still possible and should be our main aim in life. Like Norman Vincent Peale said, “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.” 

emotion frequency chart

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In order to get out of the negative psychological spiral, you need to observe and understand all the sides and surfaces of your psyche, your ego, and your authentic self. Observe it as it is, without judgment, without evaluation. You can try hundreds of types of meditations, hundreds of religious practices without understanding yourself, and what leads to negative emotions and you will not be able to get out of this spiral.

Today let’s talk about how to create a more positive living environment, get rid of daily negativity, and speed up the process of increasing your vibration frequency.

The first thing you need to remember is that everything is energy vibrating with different frequencies. You are also vibrational energy, so if you are in a high vibration environment it will be easier for you to vibrate higher than in an environment of low vibration. Vibration energy affects you in all aspects, including:

1. Food: 

In order to have a higher vibration, you should eat lighter foods, in the following order:

Plants (vegetables, fruits, grains) < Seafood < Poultry < Meat of the herbivorous < Meat of the carnivores

This is because, slaughtered animals are extremely resentful and frightened, thereby releasing really low vibration energy and emitting toxins into the meat. However, please note that if you are currently operating at a low vibration, your body can not just rely on the lighter foods as it will not be able to get enough nutrients from high vibrational foods. Therefore, suddenly changing to a 100% plant-based vegetarian diet is not the best choice for your health. You should reduce meat, and gradually switch from poultry to lighter varieties. And finally, your body will be automatically adaptive to the plant-based diet without you forcing yourself!

positive energy food

In addition, you’d better go for organic and/or home-grown products. Processed and mass-produced food is filled with chemicals that take 6-12 months to be cleared from your body or even more. GMO foods are also extremely harmful because they have unnatural genetic codes. When they enter the body, the body can not recognize and does not know what to do with them. Those products are also grown on poor soil, with much less nutritional value and without cosmic energy. It is best to eat only clean, home-grown, and local products.

2. Drinks:

About 70% of our physical body is water, therefore what we drink really matters. You can create a positive environment within your own body. You should only drink pure water, and sometimes herbal tea. Low vibrational drinks include coffee, carbonated drinks, and alcohol. Absolutely do not drink alcohol. Because it destroys the brain system and brings the body vibration down much lower. Regarding carbonated sweet drinks, sugars along with additives are burdens for your digestive system.

When drinking water, you should also use your thoughts to restore energy to it. Have you heard about the Water Consciousness Study by Dr. Masaru Emoto? So make sure you choose the right source of water as well as send positive thoughts and positive energy like Reiki into it before consuming. It will positively affect your whole energetic field.

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When your vibration is higher, you will find yourself no longer craving heavier foods, but gradually reducing. People who have the highest vibrations drink only water, eventually, just breathe and get energy from the universe.

Everyone has a unique body and vibration. Thus, in order to know what you should consume, you must learn to feel. If you feel tired and sluggish after a meal, it means the food has low vibration and you need to change. On the other hand, if you feel healthy and active, congratulations you are on the right track!

3. Smell:

The basic rule is to stay away from any smell that you find heavy or strong, even if it is fragrant. For example, the artificial fragrance is a low-vibrating smell. Notice the smells in nature. Have you ever smelled flowers? You can feel its lightness and purity that no other artificial perfume can possess. Flowers and plants, in general, have high vibrations, and their scents also have similarly high vibrations. 

positive energy from nature

Therefore, you can use natural essential oils from flowers and plants to create a positive environment. It will aid you to sleep better, calm your mind and reach a state of relaxation and positivity. There are many types of essential oils. You should try the one that feels most comfortable. In addition, being in nature is still the best way to immerse in positive, high vibrational energy!

4. Information:

On an average day, you are attacked by all types of media such as Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, digital and paper newspapers, billboards, etc. How much information do you notice is negative? How much makes you feel uncomfortable or heavy? And how much information is positive and you can learn from it?

Remember that everything is energy. When reading a hateful Facebook post, or misleading news, you may feel heavy, annoyed, sad, fearful or guilty. It is because you are held down by its negative low-vibrational energy from those types of information.

If you do not have a high enough frequency to be able to be unaffected by the negative information around you, I have advice for you. When you can’t find anything positive to feel good about or to learn from, then turn off the TV, stop reading or watching newspapers, Facebook, Youtube. Read a book that you know is beneficial for you. Do something that you enjoy.

reading book with positive energy

Of course, this is also true for people, if there are people that make you feel uncomfortable with, you should try your best to temporarily stay away from them. After a while when you feel ready which means your frequency has increased, you can be around them and no matter what they do, they can’t affect you. On the other hand, come visit and talk to a friend or a family member that emits a high frequency and you feel harmonized with.

5. Reconnect with Mother Earth:

One of the biggest problems right now is that a lot of people live in urban areas. Enclosed in concrete buildings and manmade facilities all day from houses to workplaces have affected the energy field of human beings. Instead, at least once a month, have a detoxing trip back to nature, such as forests, beaches, and mountains.

During the trip, you should walk barefoot to energetically connect with the earth and sunbathe to receive energy from the sun. Moreover, it is better to put off all phones or computers and just remain quiet and present to absorb the positive energy from nature and release negativities in your body.

earth brings positive energy

By doing that, you will be filled with full of energy and vitality. On the return to normal life, if you are sensitive, you might notice the shift in energy. You may feel denser and heavier when coming back but at least, you have just been recharged and can spread positivity wherever you go!

6. Music and Movies:

This is also the most common problem. There are a lot of people listening to modern music with addictive repetitive rhythms, along with similar low-vibration lyrics. Most of the songs just revolve around the topic of being heartbroken in love, grief, cheating, body-shaming or sexuality-focused, and so on. They all bring negative energy and can lower your vibration without you being aware, as we normally think it is simply just for fun. 

healing solfeggio frequency music

If you want to listen to music to reduce stress, meditate, get healed, and cure diseases, search for Solfeggio healing frequency music. If you don’t want to listen to music without lyrics, find songs that make you feel lighter and more relaxed when listening, like uplifting songs about family, happiness in love and in life. I personally like songs from Jason Mraz and Bob Marley. Those always make me smile!

The important thing is to feel what kind of music helps your body and emotions feel better and go for it. And the same goes for movies, watching violent, sexual, and scary movies don’t do you any good. Obviously, you have free will and are able to choose anything you like. But if you set the intention to raise your vibration, you will somehow be geared towards it, in different ways. Then, when your vibration has lifted, you will also find yourself losing interest in the negative music and movies and make better choices naturally.

7. Exercise/Sport:

A physical body that does not move frequently becomes heavy and slow which will also affect the energetic body. Just 3 times a week doing exercises or playing sports is enough. You can go to the gym, go swimming, do soccer, do yoga, or martial arts, etc… In my opinion, swimming, yin yoga, and qigong are the best activities to relieve stress. Try your best to be present and focus on the activity itself in order to make the best use of it.

yoga for positive energy

That is it for today! What else do you want to add to the list to create an energetically positive environment, please comment below! 

Much love,
W. / E. / F. YOUhealwithGrace

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  1. Hi Grace
    Thank you for this fantastic post on how to create a positive environment I learned so much.
    We are surrounded daily by so much negativity in the world and it is important for us to make some changes to better our lives otherwise we will be heading for disaster. Making these small changes in your daily life will definitely increase the positive vibrations of anyone.

    1. Thanks Marlene for stopping by and leaving a comment! Yes, it is not hard to do the listed things, it is just whether we are aware of those factors that can affect us or not. It is great that you have learned something from the post.

      All the best,


  2. Hi Grace, thank you for a very helpful and informative post on creating a positive environment. There is so much negativity in the world around us, that it is easy to get drawn down into a negative spiral. 

    It is fascinating how one can elevate your vibrational frequency through food, drink, exercise and even music. This is something I had never really considered, so thank you for sharing some great tips.  

    1. Hi Line,

      Yes there are so many little things that we do everyday that in fact affect us energetically. Thus, we need to be aware and avoid letting those little things affect us negativey.



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