How to Heal The Sacral Chakra?

We have covered basic knowledge regarding our 7 main chakras and how to heal the root chakra in the previous posts. In this article, let us talk about the signs of the imbalanced sacral chakra and how to help heal and balance the sacral chakra.

balanced sacral chakra

Balanced and well-aligned chakras will bring about holistic well-being, the harmony of body, mind, and spirit. This will make the biological energy in the body vibrate, circulate, and receive the endless source of cosmic energy. And the nature of bio-energy includes factors such as waves, pulses, colors, matter, and information, etc. Therefore, we are able to assist the healing of the imbalanced chakras by utilizing those factors in harmony with the corresponding chakras.

The Second Chakra – Sacral Chakra:

This chakra develops from six months to the age of 2.5. That’s when children unconsciously absorb everything around them and build the foundation for their understanding of the world as well as building up their personality.

Feeling guilty can cause profound damage to Sacral Chakra. Guilt comes when you feel your behavior is wrong or sinful. When guilt is internalized, it can lead to a negative consequence where you are unable to accept your true feelings, emotions, and desires. As a result, you can not feel life to the fullest.

What can hurt Sacral Chakra?

– When we are told to not feel and express our emotions: “Stop crying!”, “There’s nothing to cry about!”, “Man up!”, “Be nice! Be quiet!”, especially when we were young. Previously, I have shared about emotions better be felt completely rather than being suppressed. If we try to keep the emotions within our body consciously or unconsciously, they can be manifested into chronic physical pains. Stuck emotions can create emotional blockages and negatively affect our Sacral Chakra.

– Later in life, we are easily triggered by all the suppressed emotions which we see as our “shadows” as they were not welcome before. Every time that happens, our Sacral Chakra will become either more blocked or more overstimulated. Instead of blaming the external, we’d better look inward to see why we were triggered and go from there to start healing ourselves.

– Constant dissatisfaction/displeasure when we were young: Besides the basic survival needs, we also have interests, hobbies, likes and dislikes. When we are not supported to enjoy life the way we want most of the time, we are unable to feel joy and pleasure. This also causes an imbalance in our second chakra, leading to different types of addiction later in life.

– In addition, if we are used to being told off when trying to gain satisfaction, we will have the tendency to feel guilty when doing something satisfactory for ourselves. And guilt, like mentioned above, is a big factor damaging Sacral Chakra.

– Sexual abuse: the person who has experienced this will feel ashamed, guilty, humiliated. This is a serious injury to all chakras, especially the second chakra.

Signs of Imbalanced Sacral Chakra

* Weak or Blocked Sacral Chakra:

– Lack of emotions or suppress emotions. On the other hand, unable to feel and understand others’ feelings and emotions.

– Have no desire or passion. Hardly feel joy or pleasure and cannot enjoy life. Fear of intimacy.

– Experience creative blocks.

– Poor social skills.

* Overactive Sacral Chakra:

– Too sensitive with emotions and easily affected by emotions. These people tend to make decisions based on their emotions at that moment.

– Too emotionally dependent and unable to have healthy boundaries with others. For example, when the husband is mad at something at work and brings that home, the wife also becomes upset because of the emotion of the husband.

– Manipulating others by emotions or sensuality. Have commitment issues.

– Prone to lust, selfishness, jealousy.

– Excessive craving or addictions of any type.

* Physical issues:

– Hip pain, lower back pain.

– Reproductive organs problems, sexual dysfunction, menstrual irregularities.

– Kidney & gall bladder issues, endocrine glands, adrenal glands.

==> Balanced Sacral Chakra:

– Recognize and understand emotions of self and others.

– Have reasonable boundaries and not easily be affected by others’ emotions.

– Being creative and able to express emotions in a healthy way.

– Have a lively, passionate, optimistic, life-loving and sociable personality.

– Able to have genuine and harmonious sex.

– Enjoy life in a healthy way. Have no addiction or dependence on anything or anyone.

How to Heal and Balance Sacral Chakra

What to do:

* Regular meditation to increase self-awareness and improve your ability to calmly observe emotions.

* Yoga: goddess pose, crescent pose, compass pose, triangle pose, forward bend.

How to do Low Crescent Lunge Pose (Anjaneyasana) Plus Variations!

* Try to identify different emotions more specifically rather than just “OK” and “not OK”. Because human beings can experience a wide range of emotions and the first step to being friendly with emotions is to identify them correctly. Then allow yourself space and time to feel the emotions, rather than suppressing them. Only then, the emotions can be transmuted.

* Stop judging yourself and others: There’s nothing right or wrong to feel guilty about. Everything is merely an experience and we learn a lot from our mistakes and grow emotionally and spiritually. Feeling guilty is like poison, poisoning your soul. The soul will then shrivel and no longer grow. Every time you make a mistake, you don’t need to judge yourself, because that can teach you many essential lessons in life. You must be grateful for that mistake, because of that mistake, your soul has evolved.

* Forgive yourself and others: in fact, we humans always try to do our best given our own ability and perception at that exact moment. Therefore, it is not necessary to hold onto regret or resentment. Forgiveness is the great gift you can give to yourself, to let your soul be free!

* Start to involve in a creative activity. You do not need to become an artist, just create something, such as cooking, quilting, sculpting, photography, etc.

* Because Sacral Chakra’s element is water, you can help heal this chakra by immersing yourself in water, preferably running water in nature. Water can cleanse not only your physical body but also your energetic field, making you calm and clear of low vibrational emotions. Set the intention to get cleansed when being in the water or near the water.

Food: Ginger, seeds, nuts, orange food like oranges, carrots, pumpkins. Drink lots of water.

Positive Affirmations:
speak out loud or in your mind several times every day, or write down on sticker notes and stick them around your home and/or work environment to remind yourself.
* I can express my emotions freely in a healthy way.
* I accept the flow of life.
* My creativity flows effortlessly.
* I honor my sensual expression.
* I have joy in all areas of my life.

Chant: chant VAM to yourself slowly “vvvvvaaaaammmmm” while meditating or doing chores during the day.

Crystals: citrine, carnelian, peach moonstone, orange aventurine, tiger’s eye and orange calcite. Bring them with you, put them next to your bed or hold them in your hands while meditating.

Aroma: Orange, tangerine, neroli, jasmine, rosewood, clary sage, grapefruit, and bergamot.


– Sound of water in nature, such as rain, water stream, ocean waves.

– 417Hz Solfeggio music.

Color: wear orange clothes or accessories, have more orange objects around the house.

Energy Healing: Reiki, Acupuncture, Quantum Healing, with the intention to heal and balance the sacral chakra.

Above is quite a comprehensive list of things to know for healing the sacral chakra but definitely not exhaustive, I would love to hear your suggestions or feedback about how to help your sacral chakra to gain back its balance in the comment section below. And below are the healing tips for the remaining main chakras!

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Much love,
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