How to Heal The Solar Plexus Chakra?

We have covered basic knowledge regarding our 7 main chakrashow to heal the root chakra and sacral chakra in the previous posts. In this article, let us talk about the signs of the imbalanced solar plexus chakra and how to help heal and balance the solar plexus chakra.

balanced solar plexus chakra

Balanced and well-aligned chakras will bring about holistic well-being, the harmony of body, mind, and spirit. This will make the biological energy in the body vibrate, circulate, and receive the endless source of cosmic energy. And the nature of bio-energy includes factors such as waves, pulses, colors, matter, and information, etc. Therefore, we are able to assist the healing of the imbalanced chakras by utilizing those factors in harmony with the corresponding chakras.

The Third Chakra – Solar Plexus Chakra:

Solar Plexus Chakra develops between 2.5 and 4 years of age. In this plane of development, children begin to want to be independent. This is the age at which the ego and their own dignity begin to form, thus, really sensitive and crucial.

Shame will hurt the third chakra. Shame is a feeling that arises from the consciousness of something shameful, or completely unforgivable. When shame is internalized, you cannot manifest naturally your actions. Self-esteem and personal power are severely affected by shame.

From the previous post, we know that guilt hurts the second chakra. Guilt comes from one’s own judgment. Guilt comes from within. On the other hand, shame comes from other people judging you. Shame comes from the outside.

What can hurt Solar Plexus Chakra?

– Being raised in a family where parents are over-controlling their children. The children have no or little voice heard growing up. Their wills are broken. They tend to conform and withdraw and have no inner power. Eventually, they carry with them the victim mentality and have the tendency to blame others, not taking responsibility for their actions. On the contrary, the strong-willed children who are over-controlled can become rebellious not only to their parents but also to other people around them when they grow up, such as teachers, bosses, friends, spouses, etc.

– Excessive punishment, criticizing, judging, shaming or putting down/comparing with other people: This makes children ashamed of themselves. Low self-esteem seeps in and becomes a core pattern in life, leading to self-doubt and self-destruction, which also affects the root chakra. Fear of punishment also prevents them from exploring and experiencing new things and having weak wills.

– Being neglected, only being cared for when doing what is told: Children think they are only accepted and loved with conditions. They learn to love themselves and others conditionally and as a result, lose confidence in their own selves, consider their own values based on external factors.

– Being given responsibility beyond the age: for example, having a 6-year-old child take main care of a 3-year-old sibling is too much for that older child. This can lead them to feel overstressed and ashamed of not doing the task well.

Signs of Imbalanced Solar Plexus Chakra

* Weak or Blocked Solar Plexus Chakra:

– Low self-esteem and confidence.

– Lack of willpower.

– Low self-control, low discipline. Procrastination.

– Do not take responsibility. Tend to blame others and have a victim mentality.

– People pleasers.

– Passively aggressive: want to rebel and do it secretly.

* Overactive Solar Plexus Chakra:

– Manipulating, controlling, imposing on others: When we have self-respect, we have the power within. People want to manipulate and control others because they have no self-respect and no inner power, so they want to take the power of others outside to compensate.

– Seek praise, approval, and recognition from others.

– Overly competitive, making up for the lack of self-esteem.

* Physical issues:

– related to diseases of the stomach, liver, digestive system, spleen and pancreas.

– skin conditions.

– frequent illness.

==> Balanced Solar Plexus Chakra:

– Have healthy self-esteem, self-confidence and personal strength from within.

– Have the willpower to proactively take risks, accept mistakes, accept responsibility, and learn from mistakes.

How to Heal and Balance Solar Plexus Chakra

What to do:

* Regular meditation to increase self-awareness, connect with your Higher Self and therefore improve your self-esteem.

* Yoga: cat-cow pose, crocodile pose, bow pose, downward dog pose, boat pose.

crocodile pose to heal solar plexus chakra

* Accept yourself unconditionally: We must recognize the unique qualities of our souls and accept ourselves and no one has the right or is able to make you feel ashamed or humiliated. And vice versa, you are not there to judge anyone. Accept you and others fully.

* Set achievable goals and stick to accomplish those. This will help increase your self-confidence and inner power.

* Stop considering yourself as a victim. Take responsibility and work on solving the problems, starting from within.

* Exercises like belly dancing, jogging can help to ease the blockages in the solar plexus chakra.

* As solar plexus chakra’s element is fire, enjoying more sunshine will bring you more energetic power to your third chakra and your mood in general.

Food: yellow fruits and vegetables such as banana, lemon, pineapple, yellow peppers, yellow squash; spices as turmeric, cumin; yellow lentils, chickpeas, oat, spelt.

Positive Affirmations:
 speak out loud or in your mind several times every day, or write down on sticker notes and stick them around your home and/or work environment to remind yourself.
* I am strong, powerful, and confident.
* I am motivated, persistent, and successful.
* I accept myself unconditionally.
* I use my power for good.
* I am motivated to pursue my true purpose.

Chant: chant RAM to yourself slowly “rrrrraaaaammmmm” while meditating or doing chores during the day.

Crystals: Citrine, tiger’s eye, yellow calcite, topaz, amber and yellow aventurine. Bring them with you, put them next to your bed or hold them in your hands while meditating.

Aroma: Lemongrass, fennel, coriander, lime, myrrh, frankincense, juniper, and lemon.


528Hz Solfeggio music.

Color: wear yellow clothes or accessories, have more yellow objects around the house.

Energy Healing: Reiki, Acupuncture, Quantum Healing, with the intention to heal and balance the solar plexus chakra.

Above is quite a comprehensive list of things to know for healing the solar plexus chakra but definitely not exhaustive, I would love to hear your suggestions or feedback about how to help your solar plexus chakra to gain back its balance in the comment section below. And stay tuned for the healing tips for the remaining chakras!

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Much love,
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  1. A great insight and some great tips for helping your readers to understand more about this topic. Interesting to read about the signs of in-balanced chakra too and some are definitely noted. The colour yellow seems to have a positive impact in many forms and it’s such a positive and upbeat colour. Thank you for sharing. 

    1. Hi Louise,

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! I am glad that you enjoyed the post and found some useful tips to heal the solar plexus which is one of the most damaged chakras for human beings.

  2. I like that the  Chakra is an endless source of cosmic energy. I learned a lot about how shame affects our whole being  Self-esteem and personal power. The body is very complex some people are more sensitive than others or cope better than others. 

    It was very interesting when you mentioned children whose parents are very controlling, I was brought up with one of my parents telling me that I was dum. I grew up with an inferior complex, it took me a long time to get over that.

    I had to forgive my parents and learn that I could do anything if I just put my mind to it and overcome my inferiority complex.  

    I also realised that my parents, parents may have done the same to them when they were children – we do not know why people do things sometimes.

    I did forgive my parents, they did the best they could and did look after me as good as they could.

    Thank you for a very interesting article


    1. Hi Ingrid,

      Thanks for sharing your own experiences regarding the solar plexus chakra, I really appreciate that!

      I’m really happy for you that you have forgiven your parents and understood that it’s all a cycle of hurts that needs to be healed and to end.

      All the best,


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