How to Make and Use a Reiki Box: 6 Steps

What is a Reiki Box?

A Reiki Box is, quite literally, a box. In this box, you place pieces of paper with people’s names, requests or situations that you would like to send Reiki to so that you can send Reiki to them all at once. This works well because the energy is guided by your intention. And when you add the requests, you intend that the healing you send to the box goes to them. This does not mean the situations or the people will be alright immediately. It is more like prayers and blessings you would want to send to them along with the beautiful healing energy of Reiki – the Universal Life Force Energy. A Reiki box can help bring about healing and also manifestation.


Step 1: Choose a box

You can choose any box that you like. The size should be fairly small for easy storage but large enough to hold anything you may want to add in, such as paper notes, pictures, crystals, etc. The box can be already decorated, but a simple box also works. It can be of any type of material such as wood, metal, glass, plastics, ceramics or paper. I found a simple wooden box in a dollar shop and started with that without any issue.

reiki box


Step 2: Cleanse the box

Cleanse your box before doing anything further. Because we want to make sure the box holds only the positive energies and retain no negative energies. Start by wiping or washing the box inside out depending on its material and letting it dry completely. You can use the box at this point or purify even more by burning sage. Let the smoke surround the box inside out for a while.


Step 3: Add in Reiki symbols

Draw the CKR, SHK, HSZSN, and another CKR inside the walls, lid and base. If you are attuned to the Master symbol and practice Holy Fire, draw those symbols as well. You can physically write the symbols on the inside walls of the box using a writing instrument. Or you can draw them energetically with your finger(s) or visually in your mind. This allows you to set the intention to send continuous healing to and through the box.


Step 4: Place things into the Reiki box

Prepare the intention slips that will go into the box. These slips are small pieces of paper that will contain a brief description of your healing requests for yourself, other people and situations, goals, and desires, etc. You can also put pictures, objects and/or crystals in if you feel drawn to do so.

As for what to write in the paper slips, you should put down your intentions by thanking the Universe or Reiki for already manifested desires. For instance, “Thank you Reiki/Universe for the abundance of physical health in my life.”. Or “Thank you Universe for giving me my dream job that brings me joy, fulfilment and financial abundance.”. You may also note down intentions for healing such as “Thank you Reiki for helping me heal and let go this karmic relationship between me and ___.”

You should write intentions in the present tense, as they have already happened. This is because there are countless realities that are already present in different timelines including the ones that we are wishing for. It is just a matter of attracting the best possible reality at the perfect timing. Therefore, writing in the present tense states that we believe in the abundant and loving nature of the Universe to assist our needs. It is better to keep your statements general and to avoid putting in too many details. Reiki being the energy holding universal wisdom knows exactly how and when to assist us, and sometimes even exceeding our expectations.


Step 5: Send Reiki to the box (and whatever inside!)

Place the box between your palms and send Reiki to the box around 10-15 minutes on a daily basis. Thereafter, keep it in a sacred place that is clean and private. If you are attuned to Level 2 and you do not have the box with you, like when you are on a trip, you can use the distance symbol to keep sending Reiki to it.


Step 6: Maintain your Reiki box

Check your intention notes every month or two to see how things progress along your journey. Assess each note carefully and thoughtfully and see how many of your requests have manifested, how many have changed, how about your wishes for healing, has there been any progress with it.

You can clear your box out weekly or fortnightly. Throw away anything you do not feel necessary to be included in the box anymore with an attitude of gratefulness. You can put in anything new that has come up. You may want to change the wording of some of your other intentions to ensure it will best suit the situations or the desires you want to achieve. Trust your intuition and do what feels right to your heart.

Keep your box in a space where everything is cleansed regularly with smoke from sage or incense.

However, using a physical box is not really a must, because the most important thing is actually your intentions. You can instead use a word document or a spreadsheet stored on your computer or a text file on your phone. When sending Reiki, just aim that Reiki goes to all the people and situations mentioned in that file.

A Reiki Box can be an interesting add-on to your Reiki practice. Please let me know what you think about this article. I would also love to read about any experiences you have with Reiki boxes or suggestions you may have regarding them.

Much love,
Grace – Reiki Master
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  1. Thank you for the easy-to-follow tutorial on how to make and use a reiki box. The process is much simpler than most people might realize, with 6 distinct steps that make it easy for anyone. 

    I also like your idea and point that a reiki box doesn’t really even need to be a physical box! Thanks for making this practice approachable for everyone.

    1. Hi Aly,

      Oh yes the process is simple and effective! And it is true that there is no limit in energy healing 😉.

      All the best,


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