How To Prepare for a BQH session?

Beyond Quantum Healing is a powerful, memorable and often life-changing experience. The information below will give you some suggestions to prepare for a BQH session so that you can have the most successful quantum healing discovery journey possible!

Before the Session

Meditate to keep your mind calm

If you haven’t practiced meditation regularly, this is your opportunity to start. A calm mind that is not flooded with many thoughts will be a great support for a BQH session.

Meditating for at least 10-20 minutes a day while listening to nature sounds will help reduce the impact of outside noise.


You can listen to some audios of nature sounds as below:

Birds singing in the forest

Sound of flowing streams

– Sound of waves

Set the intention and begin to affirm with yourself

From the moment you decide to book your BQH healing session, you need to start setting the intention that you are in clear and direct communication with your Higher Self – the part of you that can provide profound information and healing.

“I have clear and direct communication with my Higher Self.”

Note the tense of this sentence. It’s not “I will have”, it’s “I have”. You can repeat this goal in your head or say it out loud several times a day and before going to bed. In addition, you can put a “post it note” on your bathroom mirror to remind you and you can focus upon your intention as you brush your teeth and prepare for bed.

Affirmation to connect with Higher Self

Let go of your expectations

Intentions and expectations are completely different. Having specific expectations about what will happen during the session is unnecessary and can have a disturbing effect on your mind while doing it. Every person will experience in a very unique way that matches their own connection and needs at that moment. Trust that your Higher Self knows what will serve your highest good!

Practice Visualization and Use Your Imagination

Your Higher Self will use your imagination as a way to communicate with you. Allowing the imagination to run free is a useful preparatory step. Be open, receptive and trust the first images or the first impressions that appear in your head. Try not to analyze or judge anything coming to your mind as good or bad, right or wrong…

Prepare a List of Questions or Concerns in Life

Prepare about 5-10 questions on a word file or note down on paper and share with the facilitator before the session starts. Put the questions in order of importance from top to bottom as there may not be enough time to address all of them.

prepare a list of questions

The questions can be about anything, including health, work, family, relationships, dreams or mystical experiences that you want to find answers to. Here are a few examples:

  • – I have had hay fever since my teenage years. Why? Can it be healed?
  • – I am in a new romantic relationship. Is this person the right one for me?
  • – My job makes me feel miserable and I want to quit and find a new job. Should I?
  • – I am struggling to heal my relationship with my mom. Why is this so and can it be resolved?
  • – Couple of years ago I have had a strange experience. (This could be a dream, vision, or feeling) What exactly happened, and why?
  • – I have a lifelong passion in (name ANY subject), can we explore further?

Saltwater Bath

Just to assist further, I highly recommend a 15-20 minute saltwater bath the night before the session. Saltwater baths are helpful to cleanse and release emotional or physical issues and help you even more ready for your coming exploration.

Saltwater Bath:
* 2 cups natural sea salt or Himalayan pink salt.
* a few drops of favorite essential oil (optional)

Then soak for only 15-20 minutes, drain and rinse off. Try and submerge the entire body and head underwater. You can use a cup to pour water over your head if you prefer. If there is no bathtub, you can use a container or jug/cup and pour saltwater over your head in the shower.

Clear Your Day for The Session

An average BQH session lasts about 4-6 hours, After that, you will need some time to reflect on the past experiences and fully return to your regular conscious day-to-day reality. Avoid driving a long journey or having another appointment or work after the session.

Preparation for Online Session

We will use Zoom to do online sessions. You must have Zoom installed on your device. Having a headset or earbuds with a microphone attached available is important. All devices in use need to be charged throughout the session. It is highly recommended for you to practice using Zoom and test out all of the equipment and Internet connection before the session.

BQH online on Zoom

The space you choose to have the healing session in should be quiet, airy, well-lit and private, without interruption. You can sit on a chair, reclining chair or lie down on a bed where you can stretch your legs comfortably, not crossing legs or arms. Can have a blanket ready.  There should be a nearby bathroom to use when needed.

Prepare a glass of water. Snacks can be included if desired.

On the Day of the Session

Light Exercise/Meal before Starting

It could be going for a walk in nature. Remember to repeat your intention while walking. Do not exercise too hard because your body needs to relax and the mind needs to be calm but alert.

You can have a light meal in order to avoid hunger because the session time is quite long. However, do not eat too much or eat heavy foods that are difficult to digest, making the body unable to relax and be comfortable during the session.

Limit Caffeine

It is best not to drink tea or coffee the night before your appointment. If you regularly consume coffee every morning, please do not skip it at all, but try to keep it to a minimum to be able to best prepare for a BQH session.


After the Session

Once done, the recording will be sent to the email that you provided. You can and should listen to your recordings in the days and weeks and even months ahead as the energetic downloads and healing energies will be enhanced over time. Moreover, the intention of connecting with your Higher Self will also be supported.

If you are still feeling a bit light-headed or not ”down” to earth yet, you can consider some grounding methods below:

What is grounding? Grounding and being grounded means connecting with the present, being in the now and physically, spiritually, mentally, emotionally and energetically rooted.

Some grounding ideas:

1. Eating. Any food will do, but, root vegetables – those grown in the ground are known to be especially good for grounding. Protein is good, too, nuts are ideal and easy to keep around.

2. Touching the earth with bare feet or touching or hugging a tree is a wonderful grounding technique. Concrete is a “rock” created material and can stand in for the earth if need be.

3. Rocks and crystals such as black tourmaline or shungite also help ground. Hold them in both hands or on the solar plexus.

4. There are grounding essential oils you can diffuse or use in a base of olive oil and rub on your feet. Some top grounding oils are Vetiver, Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Frankincense, Myrrh and Patchouli.

It is entirely up to you to prepare more or less for a BQH session. In fact, the most important thing is your belief in the whole process and in yourself! But of course, you will certainly benefit if you make the effort to prepare as much as possible.

What do you think about these suggestions on how to prepare for a BQH session? Let me know in the comment below, I would love to read and reply!

Much love,

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  1. Hi, the content on your website is very informed. I trust this information the content is amazing. I think that the sessions you provide will help a lot of people… possibly even myself. I have been in this space for quite some time and have found meditation to be healing. Still you are appealing to me, so you may have found another customer!

    1. Hi again Ree ^_^

      That’s great you found the post informative and helpful for you! Meditation definitely helps calm your mind and body and can lead you to more positive experiences! 



  2. Hello. I think that with all the problems, complications and stress it’s very important for all of us to have some kind of meditation  And you give some great Ideal on how to meditate listening to nature and.writing down thoughts and questions.However I notice that it says somewhere that each section last 4 to 6 hours. And that after the section you recomand no appointment nor work.. So when should the meditation sections be done… at the day or your day off?

    1. Hi Claudia

      Yes, meditation definitely helps calm your mind and body and can lead you to more positive experiences! Actually, meditation is one of the preparatory steps for the BQH quantum healing session, so it can be done days before the day of the session. You can choose to keep meditating on a daily basis after the session to put you in a state of peace and balance throughout!

      All the best,


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