How to Prepare for a Reiki Healing Session

I always share these suggestions with my clients before their first Reiki healing session with me. Then, they know how to prepare to receive the best healing experience possible from their sessions. Below are some suggestions for you to consider both before and after your upcoming Reiki experience. You would want to ask your practitioner for their recommendations too. But these are some good general guidelines to follow for beginners to prepare for a Reiki healing session.

And remember, do what suits you the most!

Before the session

Intention to heal

Just like other healing modalities, your intention to heal is first and foremost. When you start a healing journey, believing that you are able to heal yourself and being open to receiving the healing will let your body and energetic field get ready to heal. You are set to accept and welcome the loving healing and intelligent energy of Reiki.

Before your session, you can say out loud or in your mind a positive affirmation three times a day. The affirmation can be “I am open to receiving healing energies for my highest good”. As a result, your mind and body will be completely ready and open to healing.

intention to heal

Define a particular issue to work on

When you feel ready and willing to heal, it is time to set a particular intention or issue you want to work on. You’d better decide this before your session so that your mind, body and spirit can become concentrated and determined and ready to heal. You can choose to share this with your Reiki practitioner at the beginning or at the end of the session, whichever feels more resonating to you. Whatever you choose, it is worth trying to visualize yourself healing this issue while Reiki healing energy is sent to you.

On the day

Relax and contemplate

Try to slow down, have some conscious breaths, and feel into your body and emotions. You can do this around 30 minutes before your session. This can help you acknowledge how your body is feeling as well as your thoughts and emotions for the upcoming treatment.

Eat and hydrate

It is important that you have fed and hydrated yourself sufficiently some time before your session. That way, you feel completely healthy and comfortable throughout the treatment and have no problem enjoying the healing energy.

However, please steer away from eating a heavy meal or junk food or eating just before the session starts. Otherwise, your body will need to utilize its energy to digest, rather than focus on healing. Another key suggestion is to avoid caffeine, alcohol and other stimulants prior to your session.

Be comfortable

It is best to wear comfortable clothes to the healing session. You may be lying down or sitting in a chair for at least 30 minutes, so comfort is key. Bring socks with you if your feet tend to get cold so that you can put them on if needed during the treatment.

Remember to go to the toilet before the session starts. If you are finding your position uncomfortable, it is absolutely fine to tell the practitioner know then you can adjust and get more settled.

In a house-call session

Please arrange one private and comfortable space without any disruption throughout the session. Make sure the space is at least clean and tidy. The practitioner may prepare the rest to make the space more enticing for healing when they come.

After the session

Let it sink in

Some find the results of the treatment take place as soon as the session is over. Therefore, it is important to find somewhere quiet to give space and time for the healing energy to integrate. It is a good idea to take 15-20 minutes after the session to meditate, contemplate, lie down or sit down, go for a walk in nature, or even take a nap. If you need to move, try to do it in a meditative state.


Following any energy healing work, it is vital to stay hydrated. Make sure to drink one or two glasses of water when the session is finished. Continue drinking water to flush out any toxins that may have been removed from your system.


Eating can help us to feel grounded after receiving lots of energy from the higher realm. If you feel hungry, which is not unusual once the session is completed, just go for a healthy and grounding snack or meal. For example, root vegetables (carrots, sweet potatoes, beets, etc.) and dark chocolate.


Reflection can be done right after the session when your feelings and emotions are still heightened, and some time later to see if there is any shift in your awareness/consciousness, physical and emotional health, spiritual growth, or any events or changes in life. It is a good idea to journal about your session and along your journey afterward to see and keep track of your progress.

Stay in touch

Feel free to reach out to your practitioner with questions that emerge. Be patient, loving and compassionate with yourself in the healing journey and try to steer away from being judgemental to yourself or others. Believe that everything happens for a reason.

Preparing for a distance Reiki session

Rest assured that a distance Reiki session is just the same as an in-person session on the energetic strength viewpoint. The main difference is that you are able to enjoy the session in the comfort zone of your own home and can choose to set up the environment to make it suitable to your needs.

Here are some suggestions for you to do to create the most relaxing distance Reiki session possible. (No worries, you do not need to do it all! Simply choose what works best for you!)

  • – Find a quiet, comfortable space in your home without interruption for the entire session.
  • – Play some soothing music.
  • – Remove all jewelry and accessories on your body.
  • – Clear your space energetically, using sage or Palo Santo.
  • – Light a candle while saying out loud (or in your mind) the intention to heal, such as “I am open to receiving healing energies for my highest good” or something similar.
  • – Fill the space with a fragrant aroma by burning incense or oil to help calm and relax your mind and body.
  • – You may pick a crystal according to your intuition to assist your session.
  • – When it is time to start your session, lie down or sit down comfortably, uncrossing your arms and legs, focusing on your breath and your body to center and help facilitate the flow of Reiki.

healing at home

Like I shared, do not feel the pressure that you need to do the whole list as not all of you are used to energy works. Stay assured that even if you do not do anything listed above (you do not need to be still lying down or sitting down even to receive Reiki!), Reiki will still be sent to you. In fact, what matters the most is to trust the process, and let go to welcome and enjoy the beautiful Reiki healing energy!

If you have any questions or want to share your experiences in preparing for a Reiki healing session, please leave a comment below. I would love to hear from you!

Much love,
Grace – Reiki Master
W. / E.

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  1. Quick question, what is Reiki? Is it some sort of meditation method? I had a blast reading this article. To be honest, I already practice all the things that are mentioned in this article, so does that mean that I have been doing Reiki my whole life? I will be sure to share this article with friends and family. 

    1. Hi Daniel

      Good question, here is the answer Daniel:

      Reiki is generally the universal life force energy that has always been surrounding us. And Reiki healing methodology is how we channel and transfer Reiki to the energy field or biofield of ourselves and others. 

      It is great to hear that you have been connecting with things that have positive effects on us energetically so hopefully, you will explore further into Reiki and discover the energy healing world!



  2. Hi there Grace. Thanks a lot for this useful information on getting ready for a reiki healing session. I recently gained interest in reiki and actually signed up for a session and I wanted to know how I can prepare myself and optimize my experience with it and you have told me everything I needed to know here. I appreciate a lot for that. I’m going to share this on my Facebook page for more people to read it and benefit. 🙂

    1. Hi Dave,

      I am glad that you found my post helpful for your upcoming Reiki session! And thanks a lot for sharing the post on Facebook too! Really appreciate that!

      Wish you all the best on your healing journey. If you have any more questions, feel free to contact me at



  3. I love these steps of preparation, especially with the nutrition advice. I just realized that you are what you eat and that fast foods are low vibrational foods. I am currently slowly weaning from it and I am cooking my own food to be healthier. I also believe that drinking water helps you to raise your vibration. Good article!

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