How to Remove Negative Energy From Your Life?

Your energy is constantly affected by a combination of what you breathe, eat and drink, look at and listen to, what you think and feel and believe in and so on. In fact, energy is simply the projection, storing all the data about one’s life. The songs you listen to, the movies you watch, the news you read, the people you interact with, the things you eat, the things you feel,… all make up your energy. If you consume things with low vibration, it will bring yours down too. Let’s dive in to see how to remove negative energy from your life proactively!

Be Aware of Negative Energy that You Allow into Your Life

When a person starts to realize that their life is being affected by negative energy, that is usually when the level of negativity has become so strong that they feel hopeless and into a state of crisis. People usually don’t notice it until it becomes overwhelming, because negativity most of the time creeps in slowly and quietly.

Hence, you need to know how to stop the negativity early on before the situation becomes so severe that you need a thorough deep cleansing, aura sweep, cutting energy attachments, and more, to help your life out of the darkness.

How does Negative Energy Creep into Your Life? 

By infiltrating the daily activities!

negative energy

Negative energy comes from the TV shows you watch, the music you listen to, movies, books, social media, etc. Once it starts entering your energy field, it will slowly grow and occupy you. One of the most common ways is that it drains your energy. You start to feel tired all the time. You may start to have trouble sleeping at night. Since you are more tired than usual, you easily fall into eating fatty fast foods that have low vibrations. You then begin to attract people who also have low vibrations and/or your relationship with high vibrational people may begin to suffer. Depression often occurs and from there you can slide down a low vibration slope if you are not aware of the problem.

This example is not intended to scare you but to raise awareness of how easily negative energies and low vibrations enter your life.

Signs to Know that You Need an Energy Cleansing

1. You’re feeling stressed, pressured or have lots of anger.

If you feel agitated in many situations leading to stress or anger, know that it is a sign that your energy field needs to be purified and released. In addition, negativity in others can also easily affect your energy and cause you to feel or react negatively. If you are experiencing stress and negativity within or around you, remember that you can let it go and take it as a reminder to cleanse your energy.

2. You feel blocked.

When the energy of and around you is clear, your reality tends to reflect that where your highest path is clearly illuminated. With positive energy, it doesn’t mean you’ll never be challenged again. However, with such energy, you can easily overcome challenges to keep moving forward with your truth, your mission, and your destiny.
So if you are feeling blocked, purify your energy, clear your space physically and energetically and start over.

3. You feel a bit down.

When you have this feeling, take it as a sign that it’s time to remove negative energy. If you ignore “feeling a little uncomfortable” and do not do anything, it will make you feel worse. It can even develop into feelings of depression, stagnation, or frustration.
So, catch yourself as soon as you feel down or a little moody. Cleanse your energy to refocus and be present again. Allow love to flow through your body, mind and spirit so that you can stay strong again and shine and thrive in life.

4. You feel confused, overwhelmed or exhausted.

If you still feel extremely tired after sleeping through the night. Maybe you are carrying energy that is not yours, or some energy is yours but needs to be released. So just let it go.
If you’re feeling overwhelmed, then again this is a sign that you are either in the mind and not the heart, or something in your biofield is activating and amplifying that overwhelming feeling.

5. You are having some physical pain.

If you have mild aches and pains that you really don’t know the cause of, especially in your abdomen, back or shoulders, neck and jaw area, you need to be aware. These are all areas of stress storage and buried “stuff”. Those mild pains are signals from your body and mind, telling you something is not right, whether it’s your own limiting or negative thoughts, or some external energy. Therefore, you can use pain as a reminder to clear your energy.

6. You’re extremely clumsy.

Becoming more clumsy is a sign that your energy field contains something that is out of sync with Divine Love, with its neutral and peaceful harmony that supports your highest embodiment and light. So, if you stumble, drop things, or are simply more clumsy, take it as a call to attention to yourself and, if necessary, to purge your energies.

7. You are attached to the past.

The last sign that it’s time to remove negative energy that I want to share is that you are living in the past. For example, whether you are focusing on past hardships, or your mind constantly replays failures that have let you or others down, or even wallows in the nostalgia for loved ones who have lost, or feeling like everything in your life used to be so much better in the PAST.
There are some things that are low energy, even entities that want you to stay small, to stay immersed in the past and to stay focused on old energies rather than being present with a big heart, open with love so that you can move towards your highest light.

The good news is… No matter how many of these seven signs you’ve got, you can always cleanse your energy and change instantly. It is up to you to pay attention and be aware and make the shift.

remove negative energy

How to Remove Negative Energy From Your Life?

Choices you can make to keep negativity out of your daily life:

– Be aware of everything in you and around you!

– Learn to think more positively and say positive things to yourself. With each story you approach, take a new perspective on it. You can find some positive affirmations that are helpful for your issues at the moment and repeat them out loud or in your mind several times a day. 

– Do not tolerate anything negative. That means you must always be aware of what you take in every day as mentioned above! Pay attention to what’s playing on your TV, computer, phone, radio, and more. You may or may not know, but TV shows, movies, music, all have vibrations (because of the fact that everything in this universe is energy and emits its own frequency). Is the vibration you are receiving each day high, positive and loving or low and dark, spreading fear, anxiety or hatred? You can make wise choices and only allow things with positive vibrations to be present in your life.

– Choose high-frequency foods that are clean, nutritious, and organic. Rid of or limit red meat and processed foods. Purify the air you live in or go to places with fresh air.

– Listen to calming and healing music like healing Solfeggio frequencies.

– Trust your intuition! If something immediately makes you feel drained or exhausted, it’s most likely something with low vibration.

– Keep your home and work environment clean. Negativity is associated with clutter. Don’t give it a place to hang on.

– Stay in touch with like-minded people with high vibrations who can lift you up during a bad day. Try to stay away from people that you do not feel resonate with anymore.

– Not stay in fear. Do everything out of love. Be confident and know that love and light are powerful!

– Be more in touch with nature. Surround yourself with things from nature, like plants, crystals, animals… Cats have the power to identify and transmute negative energy!

hugging cat to remove negative energy

If you have been attuned to Reiki, just intuitively and creatively use this powerful and benevolent healing energy.

– Use Reiki to clean your house as often as about once a month. You can do it the first week of each month to welcome a new month with a fresh start.

– Immerse yourself in the Reiki energy sphere. Visualize the surrounding orb of white light embracing you through which nothing darkness can penetrate, with the intention of “I am embraced in the white light of the Divine love and protection of the Source.” or a similar phrase that fits your personal beliefs. Draw a large Master DKM or CKR Power symbol on this white sphere. Do this every morning or night before going to bed to remove negative energy.

– Make the most of Reiki! Send Reiki to food, pets, plants… and to yourself!

Book a Reiki healing session and enjoy the divine healing from the universe and have your chakras healed and balanced.

I hope you find this article helpful to bring you back up on the energy ladder and soar even more! I am looking forward to hearing other suggestions or real experiences shared by you, please leave a comment below.

Much love,
W. / E.

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  1. You touch on some important points here especially the fact that negative energy can be draining. We do need to be intentional in blocking negative energy. It is revealing that cats have the ability to identify and transmute negative energy. Are you saying it’s a good thing to have a cat? What is a Master DKM? I have never done Reiki, I will have a think and get back to you.

    1. Hi Kavinah,

      Thanks for your questions! If having a pet is an option for you, why not? Cats or dogs, all good! Dogs tend to amplify the positive energy while cats are more on healing and transmuting the negative. In general, animals are pure souls having pure love for us and always living in the present, just like children! 🙂

      Master DKM is a Reiki symbol used in Master training level. You will learn and get attuned to that symbol when you take the Reiki training. If not, you can just skip that symbol part. Having the intention and doing the visualization and praying can do the job beautifully because all of us are powerful beings!

      You can have a look at some of my posts below to know more:

      – What is Reiki?

      – Book a Reiki healing session with me here:

      – Take Reiki training here:

      You can subscribe to my website and get 20% off all healing services and training as well!

      Thanks again,


  2. I don’t think much about negative energy but as I read your list of how to remove negativity from your life, I realized that all of those things…every one…make me feel better whenever I do them (or don’t allow them).  Another thought came to my mind: The Power Of Positive Thinking.  I think that may be the same thing, don’t you?

    1. Hi Cynthia,

      Thanks for your comment! Positive thinking is key. In order to achieve that to its depth, we need to be aware of what kind of negativity creeps into our energy field as well! Otherwise, we will struggle to go back and forth between the two extremes and might beat ourselves up to maintain a ”fake” positivity that is not coming from within. I hope that makes sense!

      All the best,


  3. I found your guide to removing negative energy beneficial. When I feel depressed or can’t focus on my tasks did not think of it as negative energy. Your guide is going to be a big help, especially with my work and some of my family that makes me feel worthless. My daughter feels uncomfortable around people and stays in the bedroom and doesn’t socialize. Your guide will help her as well and going to share with her!

    1. Dear Jannette,

      Yes negative energy can come into our reality in different forms and extents so please be aware, acknowledge it and then let it go!

      Send my regards to your daughter and your family please.



  4. Grace,

    What an excellent article. I really enjoyed the reading. Lucky me, I have a cat and a dog, and they bring me lots of good energy.

    Although I practice meditation and visualization every day, I felt really negative in all areas this morning. I try to be aware when this happens, but sometimes I just can’t help it. My meditation teacher suggested not trying to avoid the negative feelings but accepting them and then releasing them. What do you think about it? Would it be preferable to push them away or accept them and release them?

    Thank you for sharing this inspiring post.

    1. Hi Daniella

      Thanks for your encouraging words!

      This post is about the external negative energy that we absolutely can and should be aware of and get rid of in order to maintain our balance. It is not about our inner emotions and feelings which we always need to acknowledge, accept, feel, observe and let go just like your meditation teacher suggested. I have written a post about this, please have a read:… and feel free to drop any question if you have, or share your own experiences/knowledge, I would love to know more!

      All the best,


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