How to Use Crystals in Healing?

More and more energy healers incorporate crystals into both their practices with clients and their personal healing. Crystals are actually the representatives of Mother Earth. They hold the specific signature frequencies from nature and thus have powerful and benevolent healing properties. Let’s touch on some basic points on how to use crystals in healing for yourself today!

What are Crystals?

Crystals are minerals that form underground with repeating patterns of atoms in three dimensions. The appearance of the crystal depends on the nature of the type and the conditions in which it grows. Some take on strange shapes, some are very small, and others grow very large, growing over thousands of years.

Crystals inherit certain energy patterns and vibrations from the earth that are stable and positive through the test of time. Hence, they can help bring harmony to the energy field of human beings and the environment around them.

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What Gives Crystals Their Distinctive Healing Properties?

Different crystals have different energy properties. For example, Tiger’s Eye can aid one’s search for motivation and manifestation of energy. And Lapis Lazuli is the crystal of clarity, deep inner peace and spiritual insight enhance. Rose Quartz has a calming effect and represents unconditional love. It includes all kinds of love, self-love, friendship, romance, familial love, and more.

In fact, with only some practice and a sense of intuition, you can interpret the immediate features of the crystals based on their colors and shapes. For example, red is the color of action and it can affect the moving energy in oneself. Transparent crystals like clear quartz can help you see better, physically and spiritually. Amethyst can aid transformation and change. You can read the definitions in the book but realize that it is important to form your own opinion. 

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The shape of a crystal can also affect the way the energy is emitted out. Cube shape can aid your grounding to connect with the energy of the Earth, especially while meditating. The pyramid that has a strong base and the one apex that collects and projects out the energy into the universe will be a good shape for manifesting purposes. Crystal points can have the same effect as a pyramid. Heart shape obviously helps with anything regarding love and heart chakra, while crystal eggs are useful for fertility, balance and healing. Crystal towers are best to charge other crystals and crystal wands are the best for rituals to cleanse and reprogram others.

How to Choose a Crystal for Healing?

hold crystal in your hand to feel its energy

You do not need to know the exact properties of each stone when purchasing, although this may help. If you’re in a store just stand in front of a group of crystals, close your eyes and relax. When you open your eyes, choose the one you find most appealing. Or you can hold the crystal in your hand and feel it, see how your body reacts to its energy. Try not to analyze too much, use your intuition instead! 

When selecting a crystal from an online page where you cannot touch it, you need to be even more intuitive! Browse through pictures of different crystals and note which part appeals to you most. Spend some time browsing through that section. You may experience excitement at the sight of a particular crystal, with a strong urge to touch and feel it, and a sense of frustration that you cannot. If you feel that you really want that crystal to be a part of your life, surely it has something to offer you on some level. For example, you may feel drawn to a rose quartz crystal because you are in need of something in your life that can help you develop love and compassion.

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For beginners, you can start with the Crystals For Beginners The Essential kit which includes rose quartz, amethyst, selenite, black tourmaline, smokey quartz, calcite, and apophyllite. The kit comes in a colorful handmade cotton bag.

Cleansing and Programming for Healing Crystals

The repeating chemical structure of crystals is believed to put in them a kind of memory. This means that crystals have the power to retain energy. You can hold rose quartz with the intention of filling it with your love. This is what it means to program a crystal. You don’t need to do anything special – all you need is intention and focus. The crystal will remember your love, then will permeate any environment in which it is placed. If you know how to use Reiki, just send Reiki to the crystals for them to enjoy the universal life force energy. No doubt they’re gonna love it!

Crystals can remember negative as well as positive energy and therefore need to be cleansed from time to time. For example, amethyst can actually help clear a room of negative energy (e.g. anger), but this means that it does retain some of that negative energy and therefore require occasional cleansing. 

There are many ways to cleanse crystals. One of the most common is to soak them in saltwater (seawater is great!) for a couple of hours or days, then put them under running water to clean away the salt. Other methods include burying the crystals in the garden or in a bowl full of natural salt for a few hours or days, leaving them in a stream (choose a slow-running stream to make sure you’re not gonna lose them!), or leaving them outside for 24 hours so that they can be under both the sunlight and moonlight. Using sage to cleanse the crystals with smoke is also an option. Choose what works for you and the crystals as well! 

You can use this Cleansing Crystals Kit to cleanse and recharge your crystals monthly or more frequently if necessary.

cleanse the healing crystals using sage

Healing with Crystals

Different crystals have different energies and healing properties, and can affect the mental, physical, mental, and emotional aspects of ourselves. You can read more details on using which crystals to heal our 7 major chakras: root chakra, sacral chakra, solar plexus chakra, heart chakra, throat chakra, third eye chakra, and crown chakra. However, you don’t have to look for meaning every time you want to choose a crystal. Over time you will be able to read and feel the right crystals at the right moment for the right purpose.

Simply holding the crystal at the right time can bring about a change in one’s attitude and happiness. You can use crystals such as amethyst during meditation/yoga or clear quartz for any type of energy healing. Keep it in your pocket (or bra for women, like Miranda Kerr does!) during the day to help protect your energy when you’re out and about. Put abundance crystals like citrine in your purse or wallet. Put rose quartz in your bedroom to envelope you in pure love and gentle care for better sleep. You can place black tourmaline in the corners of any room to bring up powerful protection against negative energies and entities.

Above are just some basic points about how to use crystals in healing, I’d love to hear more experiences or questions from you on this topic, please feel free to leave your comments below! 

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  1. I was looking for more information about what each crystal means before I purchase one. My daughter uses crystals for healing and told me I should try especially the ones for calming & relaxing. Now I know the rose quartz is the crystal I need to buy. This guide will be of huge help for me and I am going to share it with my social media followers.

    1. Hi Jannette, 

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment! I am glad that you found my post helpful and wanted to share it around! And yes, rose quartz is a good choice for you to start with ^_^

      All the best,


  2. You have provided some great information on crystals and in their importance in healing and have said it in a way that captures interest. You have paragraphs that emphasize the importance of colors, shapes and energy which I find fascinating. Also, I learned that the crystals themselves must be cleared of negative energy. Does this mean as soon as I make a purchase of a crystal that I should perform the steps in order to clear the negative energy? You seem to suggest a person should buy many crystals around to promote healing. How expensive would this be? Or is this possible for those on a limited budget? You mentioned briefly that Reiki could be used to bring even greater results in healing. Can you elaborate on this more as this is the first time I have become aware of this? I find your site to be very interesting but would appreciate hearing the answers for some of the questions I pose. Obviously, I need to learn more about this health proposition.

    1. Thanks Toplink for your kind words and all your interesting questions!

      I’ll answer your questions as below:

      “Does this mean as soon as I make a purchase of a crystal that I should perform the steps in order to clear the negative energy?”

      –> Yes, because they have been collecting all types of energy before coming to us so it’s highly recommended to cleanse them. The procedure is quite simple as mentioned in the post. You can put them under the tap water and let them dry under the sun. That is one way.

      “How expensive would this be? Or is this possible for those on a limited budget?”

      –> The price of each crystal varies but it is not crazily expensive for the common ones. If you have a limited budget, you can buy in small sizes first to see if it helps. Make sure to buy from a reputable supplier locally so that you can choose the crystals in person and talk to the owners. They can give you great advice!

      Regarding Reiki, you can check out my following posts for more details and can put down any question there as well:

      – What is Reiki?

      – What is distance Reiki healing?

      – How to prepare for a Reiki healing session?…  

      Hope that I have answered your questions well, please feel free to give more feedback if need be.

      Thanks a lot,


  3. This is probably the first article I have taken the time to read about the different ways to use crystals and I was taken aback with how many different uses these could be put to, in order to enhance a persons health and wellbeing. One point you raised about the crystals requiring cleansing from time to time, do some crystal generally have a better longevity than others when it comes to repelling negative energy for example? Or will this vary from crystal to crystal depending on the environment in which they are placed?

    1. Hi Danny,

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!

      Yes there are some crystals that do not require cleansing such as black tourmaline or selenite. But for me, when I cleanse my crystals, I tend to cleanse all of them at once. No crystals will deny the love of the sunlight after all ^_^.

      The environment also affects how often we should cleanse the crystals. If your place welcome many different people like in a clinic, you need to cleanse the crystals like every day or 2.

      Hope that answers your questions,

      All the best,


  4. I have always seen so many people (specially influencers) who are highly into crystals. I always thought they were merely for collection, but now I can see their actual potential and how they work. May I ask, how are these crystals found? Is there  specific place on this earth that we can see them grow? How is the whole process of taking these crystals from their initial state towards a completely different scenario?

    1. Hi Stephanie,

      The crystals are definitely not just for decoration. They have their own consciousness and unique frequency that can help heal us. They can be mined in many places on earth, like in the US, South America, India, etc. Nowadays, people are more concerned about if the crystals are ethically sourced. So if you want to buy crystals, look for reliable and sustainable suppliers. 

      Thanks for your questions!

      All the best,


  5. Hi Grace, this is an absolutely fascinating post on crystals and how to use them in healing. I had always wondered why crystals have different shapes, and now know it has different healing effects.  I also learnt for the first time, that through cleansing, negative effects can be removed. 

    Do you think it is best for an absolute beginner to get some training? Is there an online course that you can recommend for beginners? Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Line

      Thanks for your questions. To work with crystals as a self-healing method, I do not think you need to get training, but I am not against it either. If you are interested, just start with some simple research online or through books and buy yourself some common crystals based on your needs and intuition, such as rose quartz for love, black tourmaline for grounding and protection, amethyst for intuition building, etc. When you decide to dig deeper and even work professionally with crystals, you can try training courses online.… is a good course for you to start with. Hope it helps!

  6. I really enjoyed this article! For me, I chose crystals according to my budget. I still have a tiny one so I chose small crystals. I also think that you must choose crystals according to the crakras you want to target and the emotions you want to heal. I really think that crystals can help us and I am thankful that we are discovering this ancestral art again.

    1. You are absolutely right that certain crystals will help the most with certain chakras. And the size does not need to be big for us to feel its benefits! Choose what suits you most!

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