Self Healing with Crystals

Healing with crystals have a very long and varied history. Physicians, shamans, priests/priestesses, healers use the energy of crystals in different ways. In ancient cultures, people used crystals to see into the future, communicate with ancestors, heal diseases, and heal chakras. These include both self-healing and healing for others using crystals.

self healing with crystals

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The ancient Egyptians made extensive use of healing crystals. Native American cultures have widely used the protective and healing powers of many types of crystals. Over the past thousand years, theologians and shamans have taught us that we are just as much a part of the earth as the bedrock and the forest. And most of us have been ignoring their views and lost our precious connections with Mother Earth. Today, let’s bring back the wisdom and apply it to heal your chakras using crystals.

Chakras – Energy Centers in the Body

Chakras are locations where subtle energy responds to the strength of the body and mind. These condensers swirl into streams of energy. Each of the chakras deals with a specific functional area of ​​the body and mind. When they are in balance, our body is healthy. When they are out of balance, sickness and disease occur.


Crystal healers focus on uncovering imbalances in the body and mind energy flow, then repairing blockages and rebalancing the energy flows. The first step is to find out which chakra is out of balance. Once determined, crystal healing can be performed.

Methods for identifying this imbalance are generally easy to understand and apply and often involve analysis of the patient’s issues combined with knowledge of the role each chakra plays. In addition, we can also use the pendulum to get the answers.

Healing Chakras using Crystals

Once being certain of the location of imbalances and blockages, the healer will use a variety of techniques to direct Cosmic Energy to the affected chakras, such as Reiki. Some people use the power within the crystals, others use crystals as conduits and amplifiers of their healing energy. Both methods are very beneficial. 

One way is to place the crystal on the body, on or near the chakras that need healing. That way, we are using the specific vital energy found in that crystal to perform the healing of the chakra. Then we give them time to perform the rebalancing and break through the blockage, around 5-10 minutes in most cases. While there are many methods that can be used, the simplest but most effective in many cases is still to place the crystal in accordance with the chakra area.

This is where you can get a Complete Chakra Crystal Healing Kit with 7 crystals corresponding to 7 major chakras. Moreover, you also get a cotton handmade bag, a selenite charging plate to hold and cleanse and recharge the crystals, as well as a white sage to smudge yourself and the crystals before healing.

Since this post is mainly focused on self-healing using crystals, we will go through this approach step by step so anyone can do it.

Step-by-step Instruction to Heal your Chakra with Crystals


– In order to use this healing technique, I recommend you first learn more about the seven main chakras individually in the following posts. You will know in detail what each chakra is, signs of it being imbalanced, and how to heal:   

Root Chakra

Sacral Chakra

Solar Plexus Chakra

Heart Chakra

Throat Chakra

Third Eye Chakra

Crown Chakra

– From your observations, understanding as well as intuition (your best tool!), determine which chakras are out of balance and clogged with energy. In addition, a crystal pendulum can be used perfectly for this step. I will write more on this later.


– Once you have in your mind which chakra you are going to work with, lie down comfortably in a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed. You can up your game by setting up a nice space for healing with some suggestions at the end of my post regarding prepping for Reiki healing sessions.

– Next, take a suitable crystal corresponding to each chakra (which can be found in more details on the posts above), and place it on or near that chakra area. Now consciously breathe slowly and deeply for 5-10 minutes to calm and clear your mind and relax your body. Focus on the presence of yourself and your breaths. Let the power of the crystal start to work

self healing with crystals

– Then, focus on each chakra for a few minutes and send the healing thoughts and feeling to it. This should be combined with your gratitude for the crystal that is aiding the healing. Moreover, you can visualize the chakra itself like an energy vortex within your body with the corresponding color is spinning and glowing healthily. Not too weak, not too strong, not too dim or too bright, just right!

– Go through the steps for the rest of the chakras you want to work with on that day. 


– When you are done, remove the crystals from your body. Bring the attention back to your physical body, move your hands and your feet then open your eyes. Take some time to stay for a little bit to let the energy sink in, and sit up when you are ready.

– Give thanks to the crystals and can give them a cleanse, under running water and air dry under the sunlight.

– Drink lots of water to help cleanse your physical and energetic body after self healing with crystals.

Usually, crystal therapy, just like other energy healing modalities, takes several sessions for the best results. You can decide based on your intuition how many more times you need to do the healing for each of the chakras. If you feel the treatment does not go well, check whether your crystals are cleansed, fully charged, and activated


Bear in mind that all healing is self-healing. Therefore, whatever the tool you use, it is still only the tool for you to heal yourself. YOU are the most crucial element on your healing journey. So do what you feel most resonating with and be open to welcoming the healing that is all created by your mind and belief. Crystals are one of our best friends holding the beautiful frequencies of the loving Mother Earth so have fun with them, absorb their love and take good care of them. They will do you wonders!

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If you have any experiences with self-healing using crystals, or any questions, please leave a comment below, I would love to read and reply.

Much love,
W. / E. / F. YOUhealwithGrace

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  1. I have never considered using the procedure to cleanse my chakras!  I am excited to give it a try but I’m wondering what crystals you would recommend for each chakra?  Would I use all the same over all of them?  Would quartz work?  I would appreciate any guidance you could give me.

  2. You stated that some have used crystal to view the future. I can see how crystals can be used for healing but I have some trouble in imagining the help it can give to see my future. This article stresses self=healing and provides excellent instructions on the use of crystals for healing. You have stated that all healing is self-healing that centers around the concept of a person’s beliefs. Would the statement , “As you believe so you will receive.” be the same notion?

    1. Hi,

      Viewing the future is just one of the applications of the crystals out there and has been used since ancient times. But if you only resonate with the healing aspect of the crystals, it is absolutely fine to leave the other aspects for now. It is true that all healing is self-healing and I agree with the statement you shared as well. Our mind and spirit are really powerful without us realizing or believing. Understanding our energetic body and energy healing is the first steps for us to take back our power!!!

      Thanks for your comment!

  3. Thanks for this very beautiful article. I love crystals and how much they can help someone with there chakras and healing powers. I have a lot of crystals within my bedroom and they do so much for me. Not many really know much about crystals and how powerful they truly are. That’s why self study and being aware is very important. I am curious what is your favorite crystal and why? 

    1. Thanks Kiersti for your lovely comment! My favorite crystal, hmm, can I choose 2 haha ^_^. I really adore rose quartz and amethyst. Rose quartz always gives me a sense of unconditional self-love which is I am working on. And amethyst is connected with my 3rd eye chakra that helps me have a better ”vision” beyond the material world. Can you share yours? 

  4. I started to meditate with crystals and so far, so good. I haven’t seen the effects yet but it’s also because I just started yesterday! I am currently using aquamarine to heal the blockages that I have in my speech. I want to be more eloquent and positive in my speech and I heard that aquamarine is the thing. I really liked the recommendation to drink lots of water and I’ll do it to cleanse my body. Thanks!

  5. Hello Grace, I enjoyed reading your article. Although I myself have never used this method of healing, I am not a stranger to the science based evidence behind the theory. Interestingly enough, I use the ryhthmic vibration of binaural beats at certain frequencies to achieve similiar results and to help meditate to clear my mind!

    1. Hi, thanks for leaving your comment! I have used binaural beats a few times for meditation as well and it helped! Good that you have shared another use of sound healing!

  6. Hi there Grace, I have been gaining deep curiosity about chakra meditation and have been feeling like it is the exact kind of meditation style I need in my life. I am looking to work with the crystals and the practice to help balance my body energy and I hope as well as believe that it is going to be life-transforming for me. I am going to use your instructions for self-healing after meditating and see how they are going to work for me. Thanks for sharing them.

    1. Hi Dave, it is so wonderful to hear all of your experiences with energy healing. I am glad you will give crystal healing a try! Let me know how it’s going once you’ve tried, ok? ^_^

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