Signs You Have Psychic Abilities (Part 1 – Psychic Knowing)

We are all blessed with one or more psychic strengths and abilities. It is the strongest aspect of our intuition or sixth sense! However, most of us used to experience those abilities much stronger and clearer when we were children. Because children are much closer to their subconscious mind, the universal consciousness, and the source of existence. Moreover, they are not yet constrained by all the limiting beliefs embedded by society later on. They are still pure and open to freely experiencing their psychic gifts or supernatural phenomena that happened to them. The older we get, the more we forget our psychic abilities because we get more used to being in this 3D world and in our 3D bodies. In today’s post, we will check out the signs that you have the gift of psychic knowing.

psychic abilities

Types of Psychic Abilities

There is in fact a wide range of different psychic abilities but today we will cover 4 major ones: 
1. Psychic knowing – Claircognizance: The ability to clearly know things simply by intuition and gut feeling.
2. Psychic seeing – Clairvoyance: The ability to have clear visuals in the mind’s eye or sometimes even with the physical eyes that others can not see.
3. Psychic feeling – Clairsentience: The ability to clearly perceive things and energy through touch and feeling emotions
4. Psychic hearing – Clairaudience: The ability to clearly hear your inner voice, voices hidden from people around you, and voices, sounds and messages from other realms as well.

These strengths are supposed to aid us in our highest soul’s purpose.

10 Signs That You Have Psychic Knowing – Claircognizance

If you are someone who resonates with almost all of these 10 things below for claircognizance, it’s very likely that you have the natural ability of psychic knowing.

1. You are a highly logical person and have a lot of healthy skepticism:

When you hear someone says something a bit strange, instead of believing them right away, you might start asking questions to find out more and clarify what you’re told. You are the one who tries to debunk things before accepting and believing in them. In a healthy way, though! You have a healthy amount of skepticism and your mind is wired to be a problem solver. So questioning things logically is one of the signs that you have psychic knowing.

2. You are a natural researcher:

You enjoy researching all different types of topics that interest you extensively. Thus, in your free time, you might be exploring theories by reading books, blogs, or watching videos that teach you things about unknown topics. It is not because you have to or you have a test on it, but because you love learning about new theories. If you are someone who likes documentaries or educational movies, it’s very likely that you are claircognizant.

psychic knowing - doing research

3. You love Astrology and Numerology:

If those subjects call you much more than the average person, it could be another sign. You not only find out about your zodiac sign but also the rising sign and moon sign, and want to figure out how to read a birth chart. Furthermore, you want to know what all of the different houses mean and predict the futures of the world by using astrology. Additionally, a deep love for the stars and studying the stars is also stored in your heart.

Similarly, this also applies to numerology. If you want to learn more about your life path, your soul urge, and like reading numerology charts on yourself or your favorite celebrities, it’s highly possible that you have claircognizance.

psychic knowing - love for astrology

4. You have prophetic thoughts:

If you have had instances where you just knew what was gonna happen that day without any logical reason why and then it turned out that that thought you had actually come to fruition. For example, you woke up one morning and just knew that you were not gonna take your normal route to work; and later on, it turned out that there was an accident on that road. Having thoughts and premonitions that came true is a sign that you have the gift of claircognizance as your strongest psychic sense.

5. You can ‘read’ strangers:

This sign goes along very much with the previous sign. You might be someone who knows things about people when you first meet them that you can not explain why and how you do. And then it turns out to be right. For example, you first meet someone and just know they are having some anger issue without observing or analyzing them at all. You just simply have a thought popping in your head that told you that. And when you get to know them more, it shows that your initial knowing is spot on.

6. You focus on how things were made:

When watching a movie, you tend to pay attention to how the movie was made. You might wonder what kind of cameras they used, what kind of angles, what kind of film grain, how they did that special effect or made that explosion happen, and so on. Your focus is on how it came to be above all else when watching a movie or a show, more than the storyline, the music, and the characters. Another thing that can get your attention is to guess the endings of the movies and generally, you will be right. If this sounds like you, it’s very likely that you have a psychic sense of knowing.

7. You are good at multiple-choice tests:

When you were in school, you got excited when there was a multiple-choice test because you always ace multiple-choice tests, even when you don’t study. You are able to look at different options and just intuitively know which option to pick. So if you’re someone who naturally is really good at multiple-choice and you always seem to pick the right answer, you were probably born with the gift of claircognizance.

psychic knowing - good at multiple choice test

8. You are drawn to science and math:

If you like science and math and you like learning about outer space, aliens, the earth, and so on, it is another sign to tell that you have the psychic sense of knowing. You might do well in those subjects without even trying, or simply spacing off and doing nine other different things but still exceeding at math and science.

9. “I think…”:

If you say “I think…” a lot before a sentence, “I am thinking…”, “I think this…”, during the conversation with other people, it’s very likely that you are claircognizant. This sign might take a little bit of observation and really noticing how you speak and how you form sentences. But when you’re aware of this for a few days, you will actually start picking up a pattern that whenever you talk or use your intuition, you tend to start a statement with “I think…”.

10. You are a fast learner:

The claircognizant people normally have clear crown chakra. Consequently, they are highly intelligent and learn things really fast.

If you relate to almost or all of the 10 signs above, there is a high chance that you are claircognizant! 

Let me know in the comment what your experiences are with the signs for the psychic sense of knowing. Later I will share more on the 3 remaining psychic abilities. Stay tuned!

Much love,
W. / E. / F.

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  1. Hello Grace,

    Thank you for the fascinating and interesting post on Psychic “knowing”. I could identify with some of your signs and was really interested in your guidance on more logical thoughts being signs of unknown abilities, this is something i had never read or heard before but it does actually make sense. I have always had a good sense of people who i have just met and have many times in m,y life met someone for the first time and yet somehow “know” them really well.

    I am not sure what this means!

    I look forward to reading more of your posts.

    Regards Mike

    1. Hi Mike, I am glad you found the post interesting and can tell more about your abilities ;-). Stay tuned for more posts regarding other psychic abilities ^_^

  2. Wow! I really recognized myself in this article, except for the interest in math! I was really suspecting that I had psychic abilities because I am very interested in astrology, and I enjoy reading. Most of the times, I used to be very good at multiple question tests and Imy gut never fails me about strangers. I also clearly hear my inner voices right now during my meditation and I don’t believe that I am crazy. Thank you for this wonderful article!

    1. Hi there, it’s wonderful that you have all 9 signs for psychic knowing – claircognizance! Enjoy your gift, beautiful soul! ^_^

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