Signs You Have Psychic Abilities (Part 2 – Psychic Seeing)

We are all blessed with one or more psychic strengths and abilities. It is the strongest aspect of our intuition or sixth sense! Everyone, when born, is inherently psychic, however as we get older, we tend to lose the connection with our psychic abilities because we’re getting more used to being in a 3D world and a 3D body. Keep in mind that if you don’t have the signs for psychic seeing, it does not mean that you don’t have inherent psychic ability. You might resonate more with the remaining types of psychic strengths. It is very common to have more than one strongest psychic sense. If that is the case for you, you are simply extremely gifted! Let’s go over the signs that you have a psychic sense of seeing – clairvoyance.

psychic abilities

Types of Psychic Abilities

There is in fact a wide range of different psychic abilities but today we will cover 4 major ones: 
1. Psychic knowing – Claircognizance: The ability to clearly know things simply by intuition and gut feeling.
2. Psychic seeing – Clairvoyance: The ability to have clear visuals in the mind’s eye or sometimes even with the physical eyes that others can not see.
3. Psychic feeling – Clairsentience: The ability to clearly perceive things and energy through touch and feeling emotions
4. Psychic hearing – Clairaudience: The ability to clearly hear your inner voice, voices hidden from people around you, and voices, sounds and messages from other realms as well.

These strengths are supposed to aid us in our highest soul’s purpose.

10 Signs That You Have Psychic Seeing – Clairvoyance

If you are someone who resonates with almost all of these 10 things below for clairvoyance, it’s very likely that you have the natural ability of psychic seeing.

1. You can see Aura, naturally:

This will be more obvious when you were a child when the connection was still strong. When you’re watching someone speaking in front of you, a teacher speaking in a classroom, for instance, you noticed that when you spaced off or stopped paying attention and just blankly stared at them, you started to see a ring of light around that person. That light could have been different colors such as green, pink or gold. This is because a clairvoyant has the natural ability to see spiritual things or see things that are not in this dimension. And, what you were picking up on was actually the aura of the speaker. If this is something that has happened to you, it’s likely that you have the gift of clairvoyance.

psychic seeing can see aura

 2. You can see spirit orbs, spirits or shadow people:

Spirit orbs are actually white balls of light that sometimes we can capture on camera. They seem to float irregularly and are not like a ball of dust. Or they are just balls of light that randomly show up in your peripheral vision. Shadow people are shadows shaped like humans walking around in your peripheral vision, or even right in front of you. Or you might have seen actual ghosts or actual spirit activity. If this is the case for you when you were a child or even happening now, you’re quite clearly a person born with the clairvoyant ability.

3. You had imaginary friends:

When you were a child, you might have had an imaginary friend that you would hang out with and talk to as if they were a real person, or you saw people that were not there. It might have freaked your parents or caregivers out. You might have also been someone who saw fairies or gnomes or elves as a kid when you went out in nature. This is very common for children who have the natural gift of clairvoyance. 

4. “I see…”:

If you’re someone who always says “I see…”, “I’m seeing…”, it’s likely that you have the psychic strength of seeing. Because clairvoyant people use their intuition by accessing what you can see in front of your face or what your mind’s eye is seeing. This might take a little bit of self-awareness and studying how you speak and act to figure out if you’re naturally clairvoyant. 

5. You like the art of Tarot:

If you’re naturally drawn to the art of Tarot and you like reading Tarot, it is a good sign that you have psychic seeing. The reason is that Tarot uses images and symbols to portray a message or to convey something that the seeker needs to know. When reading Tarot, you can easily decipher the images on the cards, and this means you’re clairvoyance.

reading tarot - psychic seeing

6. You focus on the ‘visuals’:

When watching a movie, what get you most into the movie is the makeup, costume design, lighting and cinematography. Moreover, you like to watch movies or shows that are visually striking above all other factors. Those are revealing that you have the gift of being clairvoyant. 

7. You have experienced a lot of ‘déjà vu’:

It is when you have a dream and it tends to come true; or when you see some scene in real life, you realize that you saw it once in your dream in the past. In other words, you have prophetic dreams or prophetic visions or déjà vu. If this has happened more than a few times or even frequently, you probably have clairvoyance.

8. You see lots of colors and shapes when closing your eyes:

When closing your eyes in a pitch-black room, you see lots of shapes and geometric shapes in your mind’s eye like squares, flames, circles, etc. in different colors of the rainbow. Especially when you’re closing your eyes preparing to sleep at night. This symptom tends to happen more during childhood as when we get older, we become easily tired and sleep-deprived. If you had experienced this in your childhood, there’s a high chance you’re possessing the gift of psychic seeing.

geometric shapes in the mind's eye

9. You value visual art above all other arts:

Your gem is not music, not dancing, ballet or else, visual art is where your heart and inspiration lies. For instance, you might love looking at paintings or like painting, drawing and making your own art, something that has to do with stimulating your eyes. 

10. You are highly aware of your own look:

This means you only get peace of mind when the visuals or the aesthetics in your room or on you are on point. For example, if one hair is out of place on your head, you might get really bothered. Or you are someone who really appreciates symmetry or likes things matching in a certain way. And you might be extremely particular about how to decorate your room or what things to put in your room. In addition, you might have a natural eye for aesthetics and people compliment you on the way you do your makeup or the way you dress. When things don’t look good, it bothers you to your core, more than an average person caring about their looks. If this sounds like you, you might have psychic seeing.

If you relate to almost or all of the 10 signs above, there is a high chance that you are clairvoyant! 

Let me know in the comment what your experiences are with the signs for the psychic sense of seeing. Later I will share more on the 2 remaining psychic abilities. Stay tuned!

Much love,
W. / E. / F.

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  1. Very interesting article! This will help people to recognize and develop their psychic gift. I just discovered that I am more claircognizant than clairvoyant. It is clear that clairvoyant people are more visual than ordinary people. Also, now I understand how people can perceive auras and the fact that they can see the color of your personality.

    1. Wonderful that you know you are claircognizant! We are all gifted in some way. We just need to re-connect with our inner power 😉

  2. Well, this is a very interesting subject with a topic that has interested me for so long. I never really had the time to read in-depth articles about it because I have always thought it was never scientifically proven. I believe I have a good hunch but never went deeper. Is there any scientific research that you can draw my attention to about the subject matter?

  3. I love this interesting subject with a topic that has interested me for a while now. I never really had the time to read in-depth articles about it because I generally thought it was fictional without any real justification. I often find myself thinking I have seen certain situations unfold before but can never fully pin these thoughts down.

    Do you have any additional content I could check out that would further support a blossoming acceptance towards this psychic abilities?

    1. Hi Danny,

      Psychic abilities are not commonly known or studied as normal ‘physical’ subjects. Mainstream science is limited as it’s based on our limited physical senses. For things that we can not sense physically and therefore cannot understand and acquire evidence, we tend to deny their existence. However, you can research more on Einstein, Stephen Hawking, Nikola Tesla, to name a few are great scientists who believe in things that are beyond the physical world, into the superpower within each and every human being. Finally, you need to go inward to receive the true answer for yourself. You can read books, watch documentaries, etc. but if you don’t believe, you just simply won’t.

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