Signs You Have Psychic Abilities (Part 3 – Psychic Feeling)

We are all blessed with one or more psychic strengths and abilities. It is the strongest aspect of our intuition or sixth sense! Everyone, when born, is inherently psychic, however as we get older, we tend to lose the connection with our psychic abilities because we’re getting more used to being in a 3D world and a 3D body. Keep in mind that if you don’t have the signs for psychic feeling, it does not mean that you don’t have inherent psychic ability. You might resonate more with the remaining types of psychic strengths. It is very common to have more than one strongest psychic sense. If that is the case for you, you are simply extremely gifted! Let’s go over the signs that you have a psychic sense of feeling – clairsentience.

psychic abilities

 Types of Psychic Abilities

There is in fact a wide range of different psychic abilities but today we will cover 4 major ones: 
1. Psychic knowing – Claircognizance: The ability to clearly know things simply by intuition and gut feeling.
2. Psychic seeing – Clairvoyance: The ability to have clear visuals in the mind’s eye or sometimes even with the physical eyes that others can not see.
3. Psychic feeling – Clairsentience: The ability to clearly perceive things and energy through touch and feeling emotions
4. Psychic hearing – Clairaudience: The ability to clearly hear your inner voice, voices hidden from people around you, and voices, sounds and messages from other realms as well.

These strengths are supposed to aid us in our highest soul’s purpose.

10 Signs That You Have Psychic Feeling – Clairsentience

If you are someone who resonates with almost all of these 10 things below for clairsentience, it’s very likely that you have the natural ability of psychic feeling.

1. You can feel or sense the energy of a room:

When visiting a friend’s house or a new place, right away you feel or sense something about that, such as “I don’t like the vibes/energy here” or “It feels heavy/creepy”, etc. You might have a feeling that a house is haunted when you just walk into it. On the other hand, you might also be the one who enters a friend’s house and right away says “I love the vibes/energy of your house!”, “I love being here!”, or “It energizes me!”. If you are really sensitive to the energy of a space and it can either energize you or bring you down, you are probably clairsentient.

2. You have experienced spiritual tingles:

It means that whenever you sense a spiritual activity, you might feel the goosebumps on your arms, or get chills or feel really hot out of nowhere with no logical explanation why. Or when you are using your intuition reading Tarot or doing anything that requires intuition or talking to your spirit guides, you might actually feel their presence on your skin. If this is something that has happened to you more than a few times or frequently, it is very likely that you have the gift of psychic feeling.

goosebumps - psychic feeling

3. You get hunches off of people that turn out to be true:

It means that you can feel or sense the vibes/energy out of a person without a logical explanation. You just FEEL something right or not right about that person even though you first meet them. Once you get to know them more, the hunch that you got off from that person eventually proves to be correct.

4. “I feel…”:

If you’re someone who always says “I feel…”, “I’m feeling…”, it’s likely that you have the psychic strength of feeling. Because clairsentient people use their intuition by accessing what they feel or sense. This might take a little bit of observation and self-discovery to figure out if you’re naturally clairsentient through the way you speak and form the sentences in daily conversations.

5. You focus on the characters and their relationships in a movie:

If you are someone who gets invested in a character in a movie or a show most, and how the characters interact and develop their relationships, there is a high chance that you are clairsentient. 

6. You are really impacted by astrology and the phases of the moon:

You notice that every time Mercury’s in retrograde, you are extremely impacted. In other words, you have a hard time talking or focusing. Or anytime that the moon is full, you get energized or you feel low energy when it is the new moon. If this is something that really impacts your daily life, it’s very likely that you have the psychic ability of feeling. Again, this might take some observations and studying your moods/feelings during certain moon phases or certain astrological events.

moon phases impacting psychic feeling

7. What you do is based on how you feel:

If you are someone who only does something because you FEEL (not think) it is the right thing to do or you feel like doing it. That means you will not do something unless it aligns with your core values. You will not do it if you do not feel motivated or energized doing it. For example, you will not do work or take a job unless you get inspired and feel like doing it and you will not compromise on that. 

8. You are passionate about history:

You are someone who likes to go to museums, to learn history, to see all the artifacts, to go see old houses, to look at old paintings, to like those rings and mummies from Egypt, and so on. It is because you want to feel the energy of the past which is a sign of you being clairsentient.

psychic feeling - the history

9. You are a natural empath:

An empath is a person who easily picks up on others’ feelings and emotions as if those are theirs. If you’re around someone who is sick or sad, you will start to feel sick and sad like it’s your own emotions. On the other hand, if you’re around someone who is happy and uplifting, you’ll start to feel exactly the same. You might actually be able to physically feel the mental and physical state of people around you. Because of this, you might be someone who avoids large crowds because the energies are too much for you to handle and they can drain you eventually. 

10. Fengshui in your house is very important to you:

If the furniture in your room is not aligned in a way that makes the energy feel light for you, you might get irritated by it. You might be someone who frequently likes to move around furniture just to feel better in your room or is very conscious about how your house feels based on where things are. If this sounds like you, you probably have a psychic sense of feeling because you are able to feel the energy on such a real and physical level.

One special note about this type of psychic strength is that clairsentient people can be great healers in Reiki healing, sound healing, massage therapy or any types of doctors or healers. Another life purpose is to help the less fortunate because they have such a huge ability to empathize with others. They might have the calling to social work, teaching little children, therapy, counseling, etc. because they have the natural urge to help heal people who are suffering and hurting. 

If you relate to almost or all of the 10 signs above, it’s likely that you are clairsentient! Let me know in the comment what your experiences are with the signs for the psychic sense of feeling. 

Much love,
W. / E. / F.

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  1. Very interesting article. I do know people who definitely have psychic abilities. I’m not so sure about myself, although have had some isolated experiences with such things…knowing something will happen before it does; thinking about someone you haven’t seen in a long time and they call you right then on the phone. 

    I think many of us don’t recognize psychic abilities because we aren’t looking for them. We may have some, but if we do not realize it, we may never develop it. I will try to be more aware of what’s going on in my head that might indicate I have such abilities.

    1. Hi Fran, thanks for leaving your comment! Yes, most of us are not aware of these concepts at all and tend to lose the connection with our inner powers when we are busy growing up and looking outward. It is a good time for us to look inward and take back our power!

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