Signs You Have Psychic Abilities (Part 4 – Psychic Hearing)

We are all blessed with our own unique sets of spiritual and psychic strengths and abilities. It is the strongest aspect of our intuition or sixth sense! Everyone, when born, is inherently psychic, however as we get older, we tend to lose the connection with our psychic abilities because we’re getting more used to being in a 3D world and a 3D body. Keep in mind that if you don’t have the signs for psychic hearing, it does not mean that you don’t have inherent psychic ability. You might resonate more with the remaining types of psychic strengths. It is very common to have more than one strongest psychic sense. If that is the case for you, you are simply extremely gifted! Let’s go over the signs that you have a psychic sense of hearing – clairaudience.

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Types of Psychic Abilities

There is in fact a wide range of different psychic abilities but today we will cover 4 major ones:
1. Psychic knowing – Claircognizance: The ability to clearly know things simply by intuition and gut feeling.
2. Psychic seeing – Clairvoyance: The ability to have clear visuals in the mind’s eye or sometimes even with the physical eyes that others can not see.
3. Psychic feeling – Clairsentience: The ability to clearly perceive things and energy through touch and feeling emotions.
4. Psychic hearing – Clairaudience: The ability to clearly hear your inner voice, voices hidden from people around you, and voices, sounds and messages from other realms as well.

These strengths are supposed to aid us in our highest soul’s purpose.

10 Signs That You Have Psychic Hearing – Clairaudience

If you are someone who resonates with almost all of these 10 things below for clairaudience, it’s very likely that you have the natural ability of psychic hearing.

1. You can hear high-pitched or low-pitched frequencies:

You might be a person who keeps hearing high-pitched rings or low-pitched hum in your ear(s) when going to new places or in your house or while you feel a spirit around. If this happens to you frequently and randomly without a medical explanation, it is very likely you have the natural gift of clairaudience. Normally, if it is a high-pitched frequency, there could be a high vibrational being around. On the other hand, if you hear a low-pitched hum, that is because you’re hearing the energy of the room or the space that you’re in.

2. You hear your name being called when no one is around:

This tends to happen more during childhood. You might hear your name being called a lot and you can not tell who’s calling you. Or you can hear phantom footsteps or phantom voices without any logical explanation. If that is the case for you, especially when you were young, you might have the psychic strength of hearing.

3. “I hear…”:

You are someone who always says “I hear…”, “I’m hearing…” a lot when you’re using your intuition or doing a psychic reading or simply just talking in everyday conversation. This might take a little bit of observation and self-discovery to figure out if you’re naturally clairaudient through the way you speak and form the sentences in daily conversations.

psychic hearing

4. You speak out loud to yourself frequently:

This can happen when you are alone. It is not like you’re talking to the voices in your head, but rather you are just someone who thinks out loud and it just comes naturally to you. Or you randomly blurt out whatever it is that you are thinking when you’re by yourself.

5. You have a loud inner voice:

When you are thinking thoughts, you actually hear them in your voice or someone’s voice in a really loud way. Moreover, when you are having thoughts in your mind, they appear to be in tangible sentences and tangible words. If you can speak different languages, you might notice that your inner voice is talking clearly and loudly in your native tongue in your head. However, this is not a physical voice in the external voice, it is still the inner voice but pretty clear and loud.

6. You focus on the soundtrack and the dialogue in a movie:

If you are someone who feels excited and drawn to the songs used in a movie or a show. Of you can be the person who likes to quote movies because you are deeply touched by that quote. If you pay most attention to the script and dialogue or the sound effects or soundtrack in a movie or a show, there is a high chance that you are clairaudient.

psychic hearing - love for music

7. You just LOVE music:

What calls you the most is actually listening to your favourite musical artist. Or you might be a musical artist yourself. You mainly like to do music or create music and be surrounded by music.

8. You can hear what others are thinking and feeling:

Someone might be doing their best to put on a good mask or a happy voice but you can actually hear from the tone of their voice how they are really thinking and feeling inside. If this sounds like you, you are probably gifted with clairaudience.

9. You are a good listener:

If you have been told that you are a really good listener or a really good counselor, this is a good sign of a clairaudient person. Because you have a natural gift of being able to listen to what it is that others are really saying and being able to give solid and sound advice. Consequently, many of your acquaintances tend to come to you for advice or you find yourself on the receiving end of other people’s problems many times.

10. You are extremely bothered by loud noise:

Hearing an ambulance, a police car, or the alarm going off is like nails on the chalkboard to you and it bothers you more than the average person, it is very likely that you have a natural gift of psychic hearing.

psychic hearing - sensitive to loud noise

If you relate to almost or all of the 10 signs above, it’s likely that you are clairaudient! Let me know in the comment what your experiences are with the signs for the psychic sense of hearing.

Much love,
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