Truth about Reiki Healing Process

After taking a Reiki class, or a Reiki healing session, some reported experiencing symptoms like colds, diarrhea, body aches, fatigue. These symptoms that sometimes (but not always) happen are caused by healing changes taking place in the body. Sounds not so exciting? Hold on, let’s dive in to find out the truth about Reiki healing process!

truth about reiki healing process

Reiki Healing Process Explained

If you’ve had traumatic experiences in the past, or are in a state of illness, the negative energies and residual toxins tend to accumulate in the various tissues of the body. It creates a burden on the functioning of your physical system. As the healing process takes place, your system will begin to function at a higher efficiency level. Thus, it begins to release those stored toxins. When this happens, they enter the bloodstream and are then eliminated by the lungs, liver, kidneys and bowel, through the skin and in other ways, and cause the physical symptoms mentioned above.

Another thing is that if one organ is not functioning well, the other organs have to make up for it. When weak or diseased organs begin to heal, not only do they change the way they’ve been functioning, but the organs that are compensating for it must change as well. As a result, many parts of the body go through a period of adjustment as healing takes place. Imagine, a muscle that hasn’t been exercised for a while will feel sore as it begins to be used. Similarly, many of your organs will also feel discomfort as they adjust to their new and healthier way of functioning.

The healing process can sometimes cause the above-mentioned unpleasant symptoms. These experiences are in fact part of your recovery process as you enter a deeper state of healing. 

Some people consider this as a “healing crisis”. But in essence, it is just a normal part of the healing process.

So when this happens, remember that it’s actually a good sign and shows that deep healing is taking place. Once there are fewer toxins and your body adapts to the new level of health, you will feel better than ever! Just continue to nourish yourself, release any negative feelings and emotions back to the light. Even better, keep receiving more Reiki and allow your healing to complete. Drinking more water, taking cleansing herbs and getting more rest will also help.

Healing at a Deeper Level

Healing can also take place at more profound levels, affecting one’s emotional, mental and spiritual life. This higher level of healing will manifest in a variety of ways and can bring about changes in life. When this is starting to happen, it sometimes feels like the pace of your life increases. There is much work for you to do and many problems for you to deal with. In addition, some people report having difficulty feeling negative emotions that they have not felt or are unaware of for a long time. These feelings are often related to events that happened in the past with family, friends, or other people. Sometimes a person will have problems at work, relationships or their marriage.

This sometimes happens because when people really begin to heal, it will affect their lives on a deeper level beyond the physical symptoms. We are multidimensional integrated beings and all aspects of our lives are interconnected. If healing takes place on one part, it may affect all other aspects to a greater or lesser extent. As the initial problem begins to heal, other parts of life may need to change as well. When this happens, It is necessary for a major reorganization to take place.

For example, if you’re struggling with money, often what needs to change is more than just finding a better job. Most of the time there are deeper issues involved such as your attitude towards money, limiting beliefs about money. Or the perception of yourself as ‘worthy’ of the wealth and abundance or not, or maybe relationships with family, etc. As your money problems start to heal, all other areas can also be affected so all the negative feelings you have towards them will be activated.

How to Assist the Reiki Healing Process

The healthy thing to do is to allow yourself to fully feel these feelings and then release them. You will need to reorganize all the habits of thinking, feeling and acting related to those feelings. If you feel this is happening, it is important to be aware and recognize the changes that are trying to happen. With wisdom and insight, flow with the process and allow the necessary changes to take place.

The ‘healing crisis’ doesn’t always happen after a session of receiving Reiki, or a Reiki placement. However, when it does, it is important to understand what is happening so you can support its completion. Whenever a change occurs, even if it is good, there needs to be a period of adjustment so that the various parts involved can get used to the healthy new situation. During this period, events can be quite confusing and it may seem like things are getting worse. If this happens, you should talk to your Reiki Master, Reiki fellows, or Reiki practitioner about what’s going on to get their feedback and gain a better perspective on your experience.

What Does Healing Really Look Like?

untidy house like a healing crisis

A deeper level of healing is similar to buying new furniture for your home. In the process of getting rid of the old and bringing in the new, your house will look cluttered and not clean. Cobwebs and dirt can appear without you noticing before. If people come to visit, not knowing you’re working on the house, they may not feel comfortable in your house. However, once you’ve cleared the dust and have new furniture, your house will be more beautiful than ever and people will recognize the improvements you’ve made.

It is the same as healing. Things can get confusing and uncomfortable before your healing is complete. However, after things settle down, it is clear that you have made important positive changes by healing yourself. You will feel much better and your life will be better in every way. So please remember, if you are experiencing any of the above discomforts, chances are that deep healing is underway and your life will soon be healthier, filled with more joy and clarity.

joy once healed


Now you know the truth of Reiki healing process. It is a detoxing period that some of us need to go through to get rid of the old layers and move closer to the better-healed version of ourselves. If you’re not experiencing these rough changes, it is wonderful and I am glad for you. If you are, do not let it upset you because deep down, you’ll know it is necessary for you to evolve on your healing journey!

Let me know what you think about this truth, raise your questions or share your own experiences in the comment below, I’d love to read and reply.

Much love,
W. / E. / F. YOUhealwithGrace

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  1. Reiki healing process sounds wonderful and very promising but the process of getting there sounds difficult. If a person has a “healing crisis,” they must need much encouragement and perhaps testimonials by others so that a person remains focused on the healing and not the pain. You suggest feeling our “feelings” and then releasing them. The major component for people making it through a state of trauma is in getting proper support. Is this not truth? 

    1. Hi there,

      Thanks for leaving your comment! Yes, it sounds hard but in fact, it doesn’t happen to everyone though ^_^. If it does, it will not really deteriorate but rather like a readjustment so it is better for you to be aware of it beforehand and able to ride the wave when it comes. And yes, it is extremely helpful if you have the support from others, but it is mainly your own journey, so be strong and thrive, as always!!! 

  2. Thanks for sharing with us all this vey interesting article here. I actually just happened to stuble upon your website and glad i did. This has been a brilliant article to read. Not only did i find it very interesting and intriguing, but i also found it to be very educational to read ass well.

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