What is Distance Reiki Healing?

Learning about energy healing, we know that we are so much more than just our physical bodies. We are also aware that Reiki surrounds us and connects with us on the spiritual and energetic levels. Distance Reiki Healing can be implemented because energy is not limited by space or time. Therefore, the practitioner can send the healing energy to the recipient that are miles away. We are one, and all connected energetically.

What is Distance Reiki Healing?

Distance Reiki healing proves the possibility to transfer the universal life force energy through time and space. As long as it is holding the same intention as a physical Reiki session, with the help of the Reiki distance symbol. Reiki practitioners can send healing energy to a person that is not nearby at that moment. They can even help to clear blockages from someone’s past and send blessings to a future event. Just like other Reiki techniques, distance Reiki will bring the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects into a state of healing.

distance reiki healing

How Distance Reiki Healing works

A distance healing session can be implemented in several different ways. The practitioner can use a proxy like a photo, chakra grids, healing crystals. Or they can simply use visualization to send Reiki energy to someone else, as long as permission is invoked or received in some way. The distance Reiki symbol unites the Reiki practitioner and the recipient in a sacred healing space.

Once the practitioner puts out the intention to send Reiki to the recipient, the energy starts activating right away upon that moment. The person on the receiving end can be resting in full relaxation, intending to be open and receive the healing. They can pay attention to his or her breath, or tune into various sensations during the session. Some people schedule a time to be together on the phone, over something like Zoom, at the same time as the practitioner is sending. However, this is not necessary.

No technology is really necessary for healing to be sent

The practitioner can just send the healing to the recipient at any time. And the client can receive it as it is being sent, or at a different time, depending on how the practitioner put together their intention. The practitioner may, if guided by their intuition, tune into and sense the energy of the recipient during the session. This helps assist conversation about the issues being addressed by Reiki. Moreover, this connection will encourage the client to feel more trust to the practitioner and then can move forward in their own healing journey.

The distance healing can make an impact that is essentially no different than that by the hands-on healing. The energy transmissions in a distance healing session are just as powerful as when they are sent in person . Please bear in mind that even though the transfer happens at the same time, the result can take time and determination to reveal. This, in fact, is just similar to the regular Reiki practice.

Who is Distance Reiki Healing for?

Distance healing sessions best suit people who don’t live at a practical distance from a Reiki practitioner. Or people who don’t have the means to travel to and from the therapy office. Or people who feel uncomfortable when someone is touching them. For these people, a distance Reiki healer can deliver the same benefits without the need to physically touch.

People who are keen in receiving a Reiki healing treatment do not have to be suffering from any type of disease or illness to make the most from a session. In fact, sessions can help maintain the energy channels open and balanced, avoiding the chance of sickness caused by blocked energy centers. Distance healing sessions are more affordable, less time-consuming and keep your privacy intact within your “comfort zone”.

You can also book distance healing for your loved ones, such as your child(ren), your spouse, your parents. Or someone that is in great need of healing but unable to receive it directly. Anyone at any age and in any condition can benefit from a Reiki healing session whether it is in-person or remotely done. This is often useful in the case of the very young ones or elderly or severely ill people.

How to Prepare for Your Distance Reiki Session

I already wrote a post to share a list of ideas for you to get prepared for your Reiki healing session. In the post, I included what you are recommended to do before, on the day, and after for both in-person and distance Reiki sessions. Hope you find it helpful!

My Current Setup for Distance Reiki Session

Below is what I am currently setting up for a distance Reiki healing session where I am focusing on balancing the chakra with the support of the healing crystals, clear quartz pendulum. Together with some energy cleansing and enhancing tools such as white sage smudge spray and Frankincense essential oil diffuser.

All of us living beings have access to the universal life force energy (also known as chi, qi or prana). Distance Reiki is one of many different ways for us to connect and channel this energy to aid the healing in ourselves and others. You can try a distance Reiki healing treatment and experience the Reiki blessings by yourself.

Have you experienced a distance Reiki healing session before? Please share your experiences or questions you might have in the comments below. I would love to hear from you!

Much love,
Grace – Reiki Master
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  1. I have never heard of this before. This is the first time I have come across such an article. I know that my partner is interested in these types of things so I will be sure to share them with her. I am sure that she will appreciate it greatly. Thank you for this wonderful post.

    1. Hi Daniel! 

      Thanks for reading and leaving a comment! Yes, energy healing is not “mainstream” because we tend to be limited within the physical, tangible world but once we become open up to more than the physical realm, we will realize we are much more than this physical body and have greater capability, energetically, including healing ourselves and others from within! I hope your partner will find these articles helpful and encouraging! 



  2. Hi Grace,

    I received this kind of healing many times in the past without understanding about it. But I can testify that it works for me and other members of my family.

    With your articles I came to understand in deep about reiki distance healing. Thank you for pointing out that zoom or telephone is not necessary for the effectiveness of reiki distance healing. The most important part is the acceptance/permission and openness of the recipient.



    1. Hi AI,

      It is so wonderful to know that you and your family have been enjoying the beautiful Reiki energy! Yes, the intention is all that matters! Glad you found this helpful to understand more about how distance Reiki healing sessions work.



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