You Have The Power to Heal Yourself!

Life energy surrounds and pervades everything. This truth is the foundation upon which all energy healing systems are based. And because life energy is present everywhere, it is always freely available to all of us. You do not need to be trained in a systematic program to have access to this energy source. It is a part of you and helps to connect you with all the other things around you. The various energy healing systems and techniques available today are simply different tools to assist us access and using that energy proactively. Indeed, you really have the power to heal yourself!

The limiting belief about self-healing

Modern society instills in us the idea that no miracles exist in this life. It’s all just tricks and illusions. Only doctors, who have rigorous formal training, have the ability to cure diseases. If we are sick, we need to go see the doctor and take medicine. This mindset makes us become vulnerable and distrustful of our ability to control our own health. How would it be possible for us to control our health without proper training?

limiting belief about self-healing

Let me tell you that is not true! We are much more powerful than we can imagine. Just like what Lissa Rankin (MD and author) shared in her Tedx Talk, “It’s concrete evidence that the body holds within it innate self-repair mechanisms that can make unthinkable things happen to the body”.

You can check out her talk here: Is there scientific proof we can heal ourselves? | Lissa Rankin, MD | TEDxAmericanRiviera

My own healing journey

I heard about Reiki from the group of quantum healing practitioners. Then I decided to take the training to do Reiki myself. As my gut instinct let me know that Reiki would be the tool that could help me heal myself and heal others.

you have the power to heal yourself

At that time I had some health issues that have been with me for a long time. Although they are not terribly destructive, their existence reminded me not to neglect my body. Since learning about spirituality and the energy world, I understand more about the deep roots of those problems. Together with the knowledge about critical development in the early years of life that I’ve gained from my Montessori training (I am also a trained Montessori teacher), I understand that only energy healing can help me take care of my body, mind and spirit holistically.

Reiki has helped me heal

It was just a short amount of time after I decided to go down this path, I finished learning Reiki Level 1. Surprisingly, I had no skepticism and resistance at all. I was really disciplined to stick to the plan to do self-Reiki twice every day. Day by day, I experienced miracle after miracle, feeling my physical, emotional and mental health getting better and better, especially my conditions of allergic rhinitis and stomachache which I have lived with since my teenage years.

I even felt it more profoundly at the energy level. I went through the spiritual cleansing and started to look deep within in order to understand myself better. Because those physical symptoms in fact are just the manifestation of the imbalanced energy flow within my energy body.

Not stopping there, I continued to complete the training and apprenticeship for Reiki level 2 and then Master level. I held in me a strong belief that the great forgotten capacity of mankind will gradually be restored on a large scale. I believe I would be able to be of service for many others to heal themselves using Reiki.

Energy Healing based on Unconditional Love

Thanks to Reiki, I accept every challenge in life with as much serenity as possible. If I find it hard to keep calm from within, I am able to be gentle and compassionate to myself, acknowledging and loving myself more to the point that is close to ”unconditional love”. I know deep down that unconditional love is the biggest lesson of my life. It is only when I can love myself unconditionally, without judgment, filtering, binding or demands, that I can have the abundance of unconditional love to give to others.

Healing energy is not only for human beings!

We have the ability to heal ourselves and the world around us. It does not limit to people but can heal all things. From plants, animals, to food, water, and even electronic devices!

An interesting experience of mine I always share with my students is that I can use Reiki to charge my phone. On my first try, I could use my phone when it was only at 10% from morning till 9:00 in the evening! I know others have used Reiki to give healing energy to their pets. The animals just love it because they have no doubt, they just simply enjoy the precious gift.

reiki for animals

The universe is extremely generous and abundant. It is always more than ready to provide to us everything we need when we trust it fully with our hearts. The universe does not take the message through our words, instead it listens to our vibrations, our feelings and emotions. The reality is just like a mirror reflecting the energy emanating from the human heart.

So Reiki, simply understood as cosmic energy, has been, is and will always be there for us to access and utilize, with faith and gratitude, to heal ourselves in the most profound way. Reiki has opened the door for me to experience love, hope and miracles and share it with people around me.

I would love for you to also realize your great potential and let go of the limiting beliefs that hold you back. I want you to know that YOU have the power to heal and change your own life! Please leave a comment below to share what you think about this topic, is it something completely new to you or you have already had some positive experiences with healing yourselves and others?

Much love,
Grace – Reiki Master
W. / E.

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  1. Hi Grace,
    Lovely website! I do not have much experience with Reiki. I did visit a doctor once that said he could do a Reiki session with me and he thought it would help me quite a bit. I was having quite a bit of pain at the time. I can say that while it was not Reiki I did find the inner strength to heal other issues that I had. The mind and body is an amazing thing!

  2. Hi Grace, Lovely website! I do not have much experience with Reiki. I did visit a doctor once that said he could do a Reiki session with me and he thought it would help me quite a bit. I was having quite a bit of pain at the time. I can say that while it was not Reiki I did find the inner strength to heal other issues that I had. The mind and body is amazing thing!

    1. Hi, it is wonderful that you found your inner strength to heal. We are more powerful than we thought and what we believe will manifest into reality! Cheers, Grace

  3. Hi Grace, I really like this article about the energy healing system. I am a firm believer you can tap into the universal energy system and heal yourself and others. I also firmly believe Reiki is a great way to helping to improve the way you feel emotional and physically. Thank you for writing such a lovely post. 

    1. Hi Louisa, thanks a lot for reading and leaving such an encouraging comment! We are much more than our physical body, aren’t we? Thanks again, Grace

  4. Is there scientific proof we can heal ourselves? | Lisa Rankin, MD | TEDxAmericanRivieraMy own healing journey article Grace on How to Prepare for a Reiki Healing Session and I really like the review site I would recommend this  a limiting belief about self-healing and i believe i now know i  Have The Power to Heal myself! 

    1. Hi, thanks for your comment! Yes, this is a limiting belief that the majority of us have been holding on to for so long! We need to take back our own power! 

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